Laban kung laban on The Clash

October 18, 2019

AI AI Delas Alas as judge of “The Clash Season 2” says one can expect only the most intense singing battle on television this Saturday night. “After the completion of the Top 32 Clashers, we now enter the second round of the competition dubbed as Laban Kung Laban,” she adds. “Dito na talaga mattitira ang matibay at magaling.”

This season, they have been divided into two teams: Black Team versus White Team. Clash Masters Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz  revealed another big twist for the season. For this round, the Clashers who are challenged to fight will be given an option to have his team save him from the battle using an option called “Clasher Save.”
For Round 2’s first battle, who will emerge between Davaoeño  teen Chan Daniel  and singer-songwriter Myrus Apacible?   For the second battle, it will be the singing teacher from Dagupan Jessel Lambino  versus Phil-Am Girl from Philadelphia Valerie West.

The intensity continues to rise with the battle between the viral sensation “kalamay  girl,” Antonette Tismo and another teenager from Quezon City – Aubrey Rimo.

Tonight’s episode climaxed with church singer Jeremiah Tiangco  against Cebuano YouTuber Jun Sisa.   

Don’t miss one of the most exciting episodes of the season on the most intense singing battle on TV – The Clash after “Pepito Manaloto”! Isa laban sa lahat!

And tomorrow, Sunday, see the revelation behind Clash Panelist AiAi Delas Alas’ face emerging from the randomizer.  She’d make a decision that will surely kickstart the exciting events of the evening. “Quando, Quando” crooner Marlon Ejeda  begins the competition with a strong reggae version of “Kapayapaan” which is battled against Sophie Queblawi’s  own reggae rendition of an Aegis hit. The fun back to back performances gets the audience on their feet but unfortunately, only one shall prevail.  Who will it be?

In the “Clasher Save”, the chosen Clasher may ask to be saved and replaced by another clasher during the battle.  This exciting change of the season led to dramatic events when belter Princess Vire  chose Mark Mendoza as her opponent who asks to be saved as another Clasher gamely stands up to fight his fight.

Law student Janina Gonzales  bravely chooses to compete with vocal powerhouse Carolyn Pascual. The match between the two ladies who bared their personal love stories before they sang has made it very hard for the Clash Panel to decide. But who will they choose eventually?

In the Final Clash of the night, Mark Mendoza  fails to escape fighting for his seat as he is once again chosen as an opponent by Nicole Apolinar.  But the battle between two of the  youngest and most attractive Clashers led the Clash Panel to make a decision that has never been done in the show’s history – a shocking outcome that will change the course of the competition. So don’t miss the No. 1 Filipino original concept for reality-singing competition airing on Sundays after Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko on GMA.