Laughter during pandemic

March 19, 2020

BUBBLE Gang continues to bring laughter especially during times like these, and joining the group led by Michael V, Paolo Contis, Boy2 Quizon, among others, are Alma Concepcion, Faye Lorenzo, Ashley Rivera, RJ Padilla, Sam Pinto, Myrtle Sarrosa, Joaquin Manansala and Jemwell Ventinilla.

Gags and sketches include “Ano ang Ginawa sa Yo,” about kidnap victims; “Hayop Man -Tao Rin  -- Corona,” a talk show host interviews a bat regarding the scientific finding that corona virus came from bats; “Pamilya Jose,” about a family with the same first names; “Dabog Whisperer, “a parody on Sarah G’s wedding; “Magkaribal,” where two guys compete for a woman’s attention, with both of them trying to ask permission NOT to court her; “ Tuyong Dahon,” about a bus passenger who tries to give  dried leaves as payment for his fare; and “Atlit Mic,” Diego’s one-liner, tackling his positive outlook despite the negative treatment he always gets.

Bubble Gang which airs on GMA7 every Friday night is directed by Bert de Leon.