LJ: 'Spread love like a virus'

August 10, 2020
LJ Reyes

PARA kay LJ Reyes, nakakapagod man ang mga nakaraang buwan ay marami pa rin siyang gustong ipagpasalamat, “It’s been so tiring the past months don’t you think? It’s like we’re living in a nightmare most of 2020. But there are still things to be so grateful about. This time has taught me patience and pruning. I’ve been able to focus my time on the most important people and things in my life.”

Ibinahagi rin ng Kapuso actress ang ilang mga bagay na pinagkakaabalahan niya. “Started learning about plants, cooked new dishes, played endlessly with the kids, infinite conversations with @paolo_contis, went back to school, slowly rearranging the house... oh life!!! You are indeed full of surprises! Sometimes kahit anong ayos ang gawin natin, there are things that we cannot control, but sometimes those little mess teach us the lifelong lessons that we will forever bring with us and teach our children! There will be dirty floors and toys lying on the ground. Life will never be perfect! Live each day by His words, and spread love like a virus.”