Marjorie on TV Patrol: Praying for healing

October 23, 2019
Marjorie Barretto

MARJORIE Barretto was interviewed by Karen Davila on TV Patrol. Karen asked Marjorie why she agreed to be interviewed on cam. “Limang taon akong nanahimik. Five years na ang character assassination sa akin. Magsasalita na ako dahil sobra na, para malaman ng tao ang katotohanan.”

About President Duterte at the wake: “I’m very grateful to the President for taking time out to grieve with our family.”

About Atong Ang: “Alam namin he was the boyfriend of our niece, Nicole. Common knowledge 'yan. Doon sa wake, we got a call and Nicole was told na umalis, kasi darating daw si Gretchen, so she cried, napahiya siya. Parang sampal 'yun sa mukha niya. Kasi magkakaroon daw ng gulo. Everything was orchestrated. Na-offend ang family namin kasi pinaaalis ang aming nephews and nieces.”

She adds that if Gretchen truly wanted reconciliation, she could have visited their dad while he was confined in the hosital. “Nakaratay ang tatay namin for 16 days. Claudine slept there for 16 days, but how come hindi niya na-convince si Gretchen na dalawin ang father namin habang buhay pa?”

So Gretchen came to the wake and the President tried to reconcile them. “Pinagbabati kami but I could see the insincerity on Gretchen’s face. I know her the most. So I told the President, I respect you, I voted for you, but sorry po di ko kayo mapagbibigyan. Diyan nagsimula ang bastusan because Claudine said: ‘You’re unbelievable!’ So I told the President. Nakita nyo po, ito ang totoong pagkatao nila. Nagbabait-baitan lang sila sa inyo. Gretchen said I had a nervous breakdown, but siya ang nagka-nervous breakdown. Hinabol niya si Nicole and beat up my niece. Siya ang gumawa ng gulo, hindi ako. By that time, I was just sitting quietly with the President at the other end of the room. I apologized to the President and he said, stop apologizing.”

So is Atong Ang lying about Nicole? “Yes, naging boyfriend siya ni Nicole. Huwag naman niyang babuyin ang pamangkin ko. Five years sila and she was only 18 then, tapos sasabihin niyang naging sekretarya lang niya.”

Is it true she had a relationship with ex-Caloocan Mayor Recom Echiverri? “He’s the father of my youngest daughter. That’s all I have to say. I’m not perfect. Pagdating sa pag-ibig, mahina ako. I’m sorry I fell in love with a married man, pero eto na 'yun, e.”

How about  Gretchen’s allegation that Echieverri molested Claudine? “Favorite word nila yung molest, e. Pati mga anak ko raw, he molested. Gretchen also said our dad molested her when she was young. Si Claudine, she asked for financial help from Recom. Sabi ko kay Recom, huwag, kasi she’s mentally unstable. Pero sabi niya, baka sa iba pa lumapit at mapasama, so tinulungan niya. It turned out it was a set up to hurt me. Mayor Echiverri is a lawyer so he’s perfectly capable to answer that for himself.”

Gretchen said their dad had a heart attack because Marjorie did not invite their mom to their dad’s last birthday party held at her house. “It goes to show that Gretchen does not really care about our family. Our dad didn’t die of heart attack but because of chills, high fever and severe pneumonia, not heart attack. Our dad knows our mom cannot come because she isn’t feeling well. I’m a good daughter. I visit our family every Sunday. It’s Gretchen who has not invited our parents at all to any of her mansions, not even to their garage.”

What about the allegation “na inilalako niya ang mga anak niya? “My children are not for sale. They work very hard. Matitino ang mga anak ko. Siguro they say that because I became a mistress, but I’m not a mistress for money. What Gretchen is doing is not only to me but also to my friends and family. This evilness has to stop. I’m praying for healing. I’m praying for a reconciliation, but just not an orchestrated one.”