Maymay becomes ‘Princess in the Palace’ in Dubai

January 31, 2019
Maymay Entrata - Xpedition Magazine

FASHION and lifestyle consultant Josh Yugen is proud and all praises for rising young superstar and Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) big winner Maymay Entrata when she graced the cover of the prestigious Dubai-based magazine XPEDITION.

Last year, Maymay made a celebrated feat when she was chosen to be the first Filipina showbiz personality to walk and open the highly celebrated Arab Fashion Week as muse to Dubai-based fashion designer of the stars and royalties Furne Amato.

“She begins the new year with a positive outlook, one that is very close to her heart – fashion.  I am praying and so positive that this (magazine cover) will open doors for other international magazines all over the world to feature Maymay because she is undoubtedly a world class Filipino talent,” Josh Yugen said about Maymay’s latest accomplishment.

“She is truly one in a million miracle to me and to other people,” he added.

The magazine shoot showing Maymay as “Princess in the Palace” again became the top trending topic.

Some trending videos even captured Maymay clowning around before the shoot but then became so serious and turned her supermodel mode in just a snap of your fingers.

Yugen and iWantASAP director Alco Guerrero are one in saying the only Maymay can can be funny but when the camera starts to roll she gives her 101% performance.

Maymay got the supreme exposure in XPEDITION magazine because over 20 pages were solely allocated for her.

Maymay truly has gifted talent and no doubt she is on her way to become another Filipina international model.