Meditation, panlaban ni Zsa Zsa sa stress na dulot ng quarantine

April 18, 2020
Zsa Zsa Padilla

NAG-SHARE si Zsa Zsa Padilla sa followers niya sa Instagram (IG) kung paano aalagaan ang mental health habang nasa enhanced community quarantine ang bansa at marami na ang nabo-bore dahil nasa bahay lang sila. 

“Are you sometimes overwhelmed with stress? Have you tried meditation? It’s rather simple. You start with focusing on your breath and clearing your mind. Try and do this in the morning upon waking up. All you need is 10 mins a day and you will begin to feel the difference in a couple of days/weeks. I am no expert and started this practice by accident when I was about to have kidney surgery 8 years ago. I noticed that it made me a calmer person.

“With all the stressful news going around these days during lockdown, I realized that I had to get back to it. Let’s make this a daily habit. Let’s not forget to take good care of our mental health, too. Love and light to everyone. I have attached a
site for beginners in IGStories. God bless us all.”

Pinapaalala rin ni Zsa Zsa na laging magsuot ng mask kung lalabas ng bahay at ‘wag kalimutang maghugas ng kamay for 20 seconds, i-practice ang social distancing at panatilihing healthy at mataas ang resistensya ng katawan with proper diet and exercise.