Meet Marie Preizer, a real looker

October 31, 2018
Marie Preizer
Meet Marie Preizer, a real looker

SEVENTEEN-year-old Marie Preizer is a real looker. In showbiz parlance, talagang malaki ang pag-asa at karapatang pumasok ng showbiz.

While she was born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Marie goes  local battle fully armed: she speaks Tagalog fluently. Her mother Liza (a writer-director) has instilled in her daughter Filipino values, and her being exposed to entertainment at an early age has taught her the discipline she needs now that she has decided to be an artist herself.

Her dad who was a lighting director in Vienna Opera Theater, died when she was 7, but Marie remembers well that she grew up appreciating theater. She has imbibed it and she's seriously attending acting workshops and has decided to stay in the Philippines longer than she used to.

Marie signed a five-year contract with Leo Dominguez, and she believes her manager who told her that the length of time will determine how patient she could get. "Some artists make it quickly, but it doesn't apply to everyone," she says. "Mas marami ang matagal na naghintay bago sumikat. I am willing to wait for my time to shine."

She may look like a younger version of actress G Toengi, but Marie unlike other mestiza artists in the past, has merged with the others who've been here all their lives. Hindi bulol, hindi slang magsalita ng Tagalog and it truly matters when one like her with foreign blood would join the fray.

Is she willing to go sexy?

"Why not?" she quips. "Wearing sexy clothes in Europe is quite common. Pero hindi naman ako basta magpapa-sexy na hindi naman naaayon sa role o sa values ko. I may have Austrian blood in me but I'm more a Filipina.

And Marie would prove her point, no matter what.