MMFF crafts rules for second MMFF

July 17, 2019

THE Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) will work on the staging of the film festival twice a year as proposed by Senator and MMFF Executive Committee member Bong Go.

The MMFF issued the clarification following reports that the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) will be in-charge of the second MMFF.

“Let it be clear that FDCP is just one of the many bodies represented in the MMFF Execom that ensures its efficient discharge of its mandate. So a second one or any offshoot will be under the MMFF Execom headed by the MMDA Chair,” said the MMFF, in a statement.

In fact, members of the MMFF Executive Committee, officials of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) are meeting today to craft the rules for the MMFF Summer Film festival together with the Representative from the Office of Sen. Go.

“Genuine consultations with stakeholders particularly cinemas and producers will be held to finalize the rules,” said the MMFF.

The MMFF stressed that Sen. Go's proposed second MMFF is already on the agenda of the Metro Manila Council meeting on July 25, 2019 as a successful film festival needs the support of the ma-yors.

“As the name suggests, MMFF whether a Summer Film Festival or whatever season, like its long-running successful predecessor during the Christmas Holidays, will be under the MMDA/MMFF Execom and no member of the Execom or anyone for that matter can represent MMFF except its recognized Chair Danilo Lim,” pointed the MMFF.