More local celebrities moving to Australia

August 15, 2020
Bianca King

BIANCA King is following in the footsteps of local celebrities who have moved to Sydney, Australia. First was Kapuso actress Rich Asuncion who married a Fil-Aussie athlete, Benjamin Mudie. They now have a daughter named Isabella. 

Rich now works as a waitress down under and we cannot blame her since she no longer gets any meating acting assignments here so she felt she can start anew in the land of her hubby.

Next is Korean DJ-TV host Jinri Park who married her husband named John in Sydney (where John was born and raised) on March 21 in a small wedding where only John’s family attended. 

She says she plans to have a bigger wedding after the pandemic where she can invite her Korean family to attend. Like Rich, she’s now also working as a waitress.

Now, the next one to announce that she is also transferring to Sydney is actress Bianca King, who was linked to Patrick Garcia and Dennis Trillo when she was starting her career. She will be going there with her boyfriend, Ralph Wintle, the brother of Iza Calzado’s husband, Ben Wintle.

So if ever she and Ralph would decided to officially tie the knot, she and Iza would then be sisters-in-law. In her social media account, Bianca said she is moving on and starting a new chapter in her life.

Earlier, Teresa Loyzaga also moved to Sydney but eventually returned home to Manila to resume her acting career here with son Diego Loyzaga.