More mud throwing as the Barretto sisters’ saga continues

October 22, 2019
Gretchen Barretto

ATONG Ang seems to be enjoying his own share of being in the limelight. After issuing an official statement to a newscast about the Barretto Sisters’ on- going fracas, he allowed himself to be interviewed on radio by Arnold Clavio and Ali Sotto on DZBB about his involvement with the warring sisters.

Basically, he just reiterated his earlier statements, that the gossip that he and Gretchen Barretto are lovers is simply not true. That their friendship has the blessing of Tonyboy Cojuangco and they’re all business associates. He also stressed he is not in a relationship with either Gretchen’s younger sister Claudine or her niece Nicole. He admits there was a time he was close to Nicole who he considered as his ‘anak-anakan’.

But Gretchen continues to be in a fighting mood with Nicole. In her latest post, she told Nicole that “Your mother & your services were fired over 4 yrs ago. Would you want me to expose the reasons for it or would you care to tell your twisted truth Nicole Ramos Barretto Magno?”

Regarding Nicole’s claim that she was Atong Ang’s girlfriend and Gretchen just stole him from her, this is what Gretchen has to say: “There’s a difference between a girlfriend & merely past time. Na nilalako ng nanay.”

She later adds: “A True Barretto will never chase a man, Nicole. You must Be a Ramos. Your mother’s Daughter, who chased JJ, my brother.

“You wanted to hurt me, not protect Marjorie. Don't fool yourself. You just gave birth & have a boyfriend & yet, hinahabol mo ang cliente mong si Atong.”

She chided Nicole for playing victim. “Don't try to be Bea Alonzo, she is a true victim.

“I only attacked you to defend myself. You made a mistake by doing so.I am trained to protect myself. You simply are a con artist.

“Ask your mom to find you a new wealthy man to hire you."

And she adds further: “This is between you & your demons. Keep me out of your pathetic state. Move on.  Nagwawala ka sa isang lalaking di ka niligawan. Atong will make his statements. He can speak for himself. Atong is happily married too.”

She later posted a photo of Atong with his whole family, his wife and children. Meantime, someone asked Claudine why their mom, Mrs. Inday Barretto, was absent at the last birthday celebration of their dad last September 29, based on the photos later posted by Marjorie on social media.

It was Gretchen who answered this: “Because Marjorie did not invite our Mom to the gathering & that’s what caused our Dad’s attack."

It was during that birthday family gathering that their dad is said to start not to feel well and was later taken to the hospital where he never recovered and eventually passed away. Wonder if his soul can rest in peace now, what with the family members he left behind fiercely fighting with each other in public for all the world to witness.