Movie titles with negative connotation

January 10, 2019

THERE’S a new local movie titled “Baka Hanggang Dito na Lang” starring Xian Lim and Louise de los Reyes due to open on February 6. We hope it doesn’t end up like other movies whose titles have a similar negative connotation. First is “Kung Paano Siya Nawala” starring JM de Guzman and Rhian Ramos. Nawala talaga ang mga tao sa loob ng sinehan.

Second is “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na” with Empress Schuck and Andrea Brillantes. Umayaw talaga ang audience na pumasok sa loob ng moviehouse. Then there’s “Walwal”, which means wasted, and the viewers avoided it as they don’t really want to waste their money.

Other local films shown last year with negative meanings are “Abomination” directed by Yam Laranas (if it’s an abomination that would cause feelings of disgust and hatred, who would want to watch it?), “El Peste” by Director Richard Somes (peste pala, bakit naman papanoorin 'yan ng mga tao?), “Da One that Ghost Away” (moviegoers really went away), “Single/Single Love is Not Enough” (it’s not enough so the movie was first day/last day in theaters), “Petmalu” (malupet talaga ang viewers at iniwasan nila ito), “Para sa Broken Hearted” (broken hearted talaga ang mga gumawa nito kasi di pinanood ng tao), and “Hopeless Romantic” (naging hopeless talaga sa box office). So, be properly warned about your choice of titles.