Nora's movie with Pip and Boyet doomed from the start?

July 19, 2019
Christopher De Leon, Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III
Christopher De Leon, Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III

FANS of Nora Aunor will surely be disappointed. We just heard that her supposed leading men in the intended Metro-Manila Filmfest entry,  “Isa Pang Bahaghari”, are both not that excited to do the project with her. These are Christopher de Leon and Tirso Cruz III.

Our source didn’t give any reason, but we surmise that maybe, both Boyet and Pipo got burned since the project has not even started and yet some fans already lambasted them for their reaction when Allan Diones asked them about the proposed project. This happened when they all saw each other at the wake of Vilma Santos’ mother a couple of months ago. Pipo’s wife, Lyn Ynchausti, even asked Allan to delete his video showing Boyet and Pipo reacting to his question about the project.

“Siyempre, natakot sila, kasi ni hindi pa nga nagsisimula ang shooting, kung anu-ano na agad ang pasaring sa kanila ng fans ni Ate Guy,” says our source.

This is just too sad because Harlene Bautista’s Heaven’s Best Productions is all set to bankroll the project and give it all the support that they need, just like with their entry last year, “Rainbow’s Sunset”, which was the big winner at the filmfest awards’ night and even won so many awards abroad.

As of now, we heard that Director Joel Lamangan wants to get Phillip Salvador to play one of the lead roles, since Ate Guy and Kuya Ipe have done some acclaimed films before, like “Bona”, “Nakaw na Pag-ibig” and “Tinik sa Dibdib”, all directed by the late Lino Brocka. But we heard Kuya Ipe is playing hard to get. First, he allegedly upped his asking fee (presyong ayaw tanggapin, our source says), but Heaven’s Best is still willing to give it. Then he’s saying he has to lose weight first as he’s currently overweight.

Honestly the best choices to be Ate Guy’s leading men for this drama project are Boyet and Pipo, since they both had real life romantic involvements with her in the past. But now that they are having difficulty to get leading men for her, we don’t know if the project would still push through. Sayang naman because we are told that Ate Guy is all fired up and very enthusiastic to do the project.