Official statement on John

August 18, 2020
John Regala

NAIS ko pong ibahagi ang  official statement namin nina Nadia Montenegro at Chuckie Dreyfus na may kinalaman sa ginawa naming pagtulong sa actor na si John Regala para po maliwanagan ng lahat. 

Narito po:  “Out of love for John Regala and deep concert about his deteriorating health, we have gone out of our way to look after him the past few weeks. During this time, we worked together, seeking the help and assistance of others in order to end to all of John’s immediate needs, and to get him proper care.

“Sadly, no amount of effort on our part can help a very uncooperative and difficult individual. In addition, John’s terrible habit of constant and abusive self-medication is something we cannot condone and tolerate.

“And do, it is with deep sadness that our group has come to the decision to formally end our involvement in helping John with his medical treatment, care and recovery. As much as it is our desire to us this through, these unfortunate circumstances and regretful turn of events have made it impossible for us to continue.

“That being said, we sincerely have no regrets whatsoever coming together to help out John.

“Here are the immediate next immediate steps that we will be taking as our participation and supervision on John’s care to put it to a close:

1)    We will be closing our crowdfunding page immediately.  All remaining funds from our crowdfunding page and the joint bank account which was created for donations will be promptly turned over to whoever will look after John for safekeeping and shall be used for John’s treatment and future medical needs.

2)    A complete accounting of all donations and breakdown of expenses during our care will be given to John.

“We would like to express our utmost gratitude to anyone who reached out, helped and donated, both cash and in kind, to help John; friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and those whom we don’t even personally know.  If not for all of you, John would not have been able to receive the proper treatment and urgent medical attention he needed in order to get better.

“John’s health problems are still far from over, and we can only hope and pray that he eventually listens to the advise of doctors and people who love and care for him.  May he also spend the remainder of his funds wisely.

We are thankful to have had this opportunity and wish nothing but the best for John now and in the future.”