'Onanay' dwarfs rival show

February 26, 2019

THE confrontation scenes of Nora Aunor and Cherie Gil in “Onanay” are getting more intense and engrossing so they’re now being talked about that the show is in its last two weeks, to be replaced by “Sahaya” starring Bianca Umali. Both Nora and Cherie are great actresses so viewers can’t help but be carried away by their effective performances as each other’s foil in the toprated primetime soap.

Nora’s intense performance showing her grief for the untimely death of her brother Dante, played by Gardo Versoza, also got lots of raves from netizens who said her acting prowess has remained unchanged through the years. They said the scene showing her crying over Gardo’s dead body is such an effective tearjerker.

Don’t miss the remaining episodes of “Onanay” as they would surely bring more tears to your eyes with more shocking turns of plots and astounding revelations involving sisters Maila (Mikee Quintos) and Natalie (Kate Valdez). Director Gina Alajar surely deserves commendation for helming this primetime soap masterfully that viewers followed it on the air for eight months. It remains unbowed even when it’s now up against “The General’s Daughter” and some folks are joking that Angel Locsin’s alleged walking out on the set of her own show’s taping is obviously staged for her soap to be talked about now that “Onanay” continues to lord over it in the ratings game.