‘PBB’ wannabe Glenda Victorio naging milyonaryo

October 15, 2018
Glenda Victorio

At a tender age of 12 years old where most girls are at home doing their homework, a young lady named Glenda Victorio from Morong, Rizal started to earn a living by selling almost everything.

Glenda grew up under the watch of her grandmother. Her parents were separated and her mother left her at the age of 2.

Glenda did everything for her lola to make ends meet. She used to go to Divisoria and bought things that she can sell online. She also applied and was employed as a virtual assistant of international companies.

And to top it all, Glenda joined barangay beauty pageants and Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) auditions at ABS-CBN, hoping for a greener pasture if she’s in luck.

Unfortunately, Glenda didn’t bag the crown on pageants. She was not accepted as a housemate inside the “Bahay ni Kuya”. And she was fired out as a virtual assistant and the management of the international company she was working with found out that she was still a minor.

It was then that Glenda started selling beauty products online, as she was also using it to clear her skin from pimples and acne. And as a result of using the product she was selling, her pimples slowed down and eventually, her face bloomed and got a smoother skin.

Glenda used her marketing skills and creative strategies selling online from her suppliers until finally, after her thorough research and study, she decided to manufacture her own product and sell her very own product.

It was year 2016 when Brilliant Skin Essentials was born, supplying different kinds of facial and skin products for rejuvenation.

Brilliant Skin came as a smash. From the initial selling online, a lot of distributors immediately inquired, purchased and the next day, the products were selling like hotcakes.

Also, popular broadcast journalist joined the bandwagon as she also produces her own product, K Magic Cream. When Ms. Korina heard about the success story of Ms. Glenda Victorio, the popular broadcast journalist never hesitated and let Brilliant Skin Essentials handle Ms. K’s own beauty product.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Ms. Glenda Victrorio is one of the youngest CEOs in our country today. And this was validated through her international recognition at Gawad Award Amerika in Hollywood California as she was officially recognized as 2018 Youngest Filipino CEO in the Field of Cosmetics and Skin Care last August 18 of this year.

By December, Ms. Glenda is expecting to finally open Brilliant Skin Essentials manufacturing plant in Morong, Rizal.

Evidently, Ms. Glenda put her heart, mind and soul into her smallest acts. And that is the secret of her success.