November 27, 2018
Nora Aunor

Netizen na nangaral sa ‘forgiveness’ at ‘peace,’ binuweltahan ni Lotlot!

Sa December 17 na ang kasal ni Lotlot de Leon sa fiance niyang si Fadi El Soury, pero may ilan na patuloy siyang ini-stress sa pagku-comment sa kanila ng ina niyang si Nora Aunor.

Sinagot ni Lotlot ang isang nag-comment kung mahirap bang patawarin ni Lotlot ang ina?

Okay sana ang comment ng netizen, hindi lang maganda ang sinabi nitong kung ’di siya inampon ni Nora, ano kaya ang naging buhay ni Lotlot.

Sabi pa ng netizen, “Find it in your heart to forgive and even if she pushes you away just keep coming back. Make peace with her before it’s too late. I want to see your family together again with Ate guy. I wish you all the best!”

Sagot ni Lotlot: “First of all I want to say thank you for loving my mom unconditionally and for your concern about her and my relationship with her.

“But I have a question for you, when you say you are not here to judge me as a ‘PERSON’ my question is do you know me personally to even do so?

“If you feel that my post about my beliefs differ from who I truly am bothers you because you are ‘concerned’ that I am not ‘forgiving?’ Or even maybe ‘ungrateful?’ Isn’t that being judgemental already? What are your bases for everything you accuse me of? How can you say all these and be sure that all you think of who I am are true?

“Well, Ms. I hope you never come across people in this lifetime and the next, who will do the same to you. I hope and pray that you will not be put in a position where you find defending yourself for accusations that are so malicious and self degrading.

“May you also have the decency to think before you click so that you may not become offensive with your comments that you know nothing about. Last but not the least, if you do not like me, please feel free to unfollow me. Maraming salamat po.”

Speaking of Lotlot, nasa cast siya ng Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko at siguro naman, hindi siya magti-taping a week before and after the wedding.