Rhian, Carla: Enemies on screen, friends off cam

March 08, 2020
Rhian Ramos, Carla Abellana

RHIAN Ramos as Kelly and Carla Abellana as Adele’s feud in “Love of My Life” is getting more intense by the day, specially now that the man in their life, Tom Rodriguez as Stefano, has finally passed away. Faithful followers of the show requested that his role be extended but sorry, their wish was not granted and Stefano died last week, leaving both Rhian and Carla grieving, and also his mother, Coney Reyes as Isabelle.  

Carla is up against both Rhian and Coney. She wants to follow Tom’s last wish that his remains be cremated but Coney refused to do this. She says she’s the mother and her desire is for her son to be given a proper funeral and burial, adding that Carla has no right to make any demands since it’s not even a year yet since she became the wife of Tom, whereas she as the mother has been with Tom all his life.

The gap between all the major characters is really getting wider and wider and the tension in their household is escalating more and more. The catfight scene between Rhian and Carla was a toprater, so we can expect to see more physical encounters like this as viewers seem to love watching female characters violently slapping and pulling each other’s hair on screen.

One netizen says: “Grabe ang ganda ng sabunutan scene nina Kelly at Adelle. You can really feel the hostility between them, lalo na nang sigawan ni Adelle si Kelly ng: ‘Matuto kang lumugar! Ex ka lang!’ May point naman siya dun. Parehong magaling sina Rhian at Carla kaya tiyak na masusundan pa ang enkwentro nila.”

As of now, there are already two separate teams in social media: Team Kelly vs. Team Adelle. Fans of both teams root for their respective characters. Team Kelly fans say Rhian has a right to Stefano because they have a child, but Team Adelle fans assert that Carla is the legal wife, so  she has more rights to Tom than anyone else.  

But although they are fighting fiercely on screen, both Rhian and Adelle say they’re just acting out their respectively roles.

“Sa screen lang po ang pag-aaway namin,” insists Rhian. “And we’re glad na effective po ang acting namin kaya maraming naniniwalang nag-aaway talaga kami.”

“But off cam po, friends kami ni Rhian,” says Carla. “Magkasama pa nga kami, along with Tita Coney Reyes, sa pagti-Tiktok namin. Panoorin nyo po sa youtube yung Tiktok sequences namin para makita nyong friends kaming lahat sa show. Tiyak na maaaliw po kayo.”