Richard ligtas na pero kailangan pa ng alaga

January 02, 2019

MULING nag-post sa Facebook ang younger sister ng veteran jazz singer na si Richard Merk na si Rachelle Ann Wolfe at ibinalita nitong nakalabas na ng ICU ang kanyang kapatid.

“First I’d like to thank everyone who prayed over (for) my brother. What a joyful feeling to read all your stories.

Richard visited our mom (Annie Brazil) to feel his mother’s love just 2 days before he was rushed to the hospital.  He was found alone in his place by our brother Raffy and was immediately brought to Medical City.  He couldn’t talk, he couldn’t walk and not eat.  His blood pressure was through the roof!  The results of his CT scan showed that he has cerebral atrophy closely related to symptoms of aging, cardiovascular disease and distress.  He almost suffered stroke.  He has underlying illnesses.  Diabetes being one of them.  He also suffered from a flesh-eating bacteria that affected his foot almost having it amputated.  He is trying to maintain and stabilize it all.

Richard is out of the ICU now but his battle continues.  He’s emotional and mental condition will take time to heal.  His mental health is a critical part of his overall wellmess.  Depression has become an epidemic. We all know that.

My brother Richard is not in good spirits.  I know and believe that with genuine love from his family and friends, he will get through this. Depression is a major illness that shuts down the body’s spirit.  What has kept Richard of going in the hardest of times is SINGING.  

So Richard, my advise is to keep on singing!. Sing praises to the Lord and keep sharing your God given talent.

As you try to turn your life around, I believe that change is possible.

Habang may buhay!”

Unang nag-post si Rachelle Ann sa Facebook last December 28 na nasa ICU ang nakatatandang kapatid.

Samantala, hiwalay namang nag-post on FB ang (estranged) wife ni Richard na si Ron Tapia-Merk who,  herself is undergoing therapy due to cancer.

“To those who heard the news about Richard Merk’s diabetic and health issues, PRAISE GOD, he is on his way to recovery and now stable.  Let us continue to pray for full restoration of his well-being.

Thank you for your prayers.”