Sanya treats Kuya Jak's GF Barbie as family

June 22, 2020
Sanya Lopez

SANYA Lopez’ TikTok videos with her brother Jak Roberto are a big hit with netizens. Known as the Bida-Bida Sibs, the siblings have truly inventive dance moves with Jak serving as the dance instructor to Sanya. Their kulitan portions also entertain their followers on Youtube.

“Ang kuya ko talaga ang bida-bida rito kasi siya ang choreographer,” says Sanya. “Siya'ng pumipili ng dance challenges na gagawin namin, like yung ‘Savage’ dance number. So tinuturo niya sa’kin kung anong gagawin ko at parang litong-lito siya sa’kin bago ko makuha. Ha ha ha ha!”

Learning to dance their TikTok numbers is a great time for bonding for them as brother and sister and it’s really amusing to see them work as a team in each number. Sanya is very happy for her Kuya as he has found his The One in Barbie Forteza who she says gets along with their family. As for her, she remains to be a NBSB, no boyfriend since birth. If ever she’d fall in love, she says she’ll make sure the guy will have the approval of her Kuya Jak. 

You can currently watch Sanya as Danaya in the rewind of “Encantadia” right after “24 Oras”. Meantime, Jak is with Barbie later on primetime in the rewind of “Meant to Be”. 

Since GMA Network is now celebrating its 70th anniversary, what would Sanya say as her most unforgettable moment as a Kapuso? 

“I think it’s the time na GMA gave me my biggest break as one of the four lead Sanggres in ‘Encantadia’,” she replies. “It’s an unforgettable moment for me kasi ang dami naming nag-audition and I didn’t think I’d make it. Pero sa dami ng pinagpilian na puro magagaling, ako ang pinalad na makuha to play Danaya so hindi ko talaga makakalimutan yun for the rest of my life.”

Many raised their eyebrows when she was chosen. “I know maraming nagduda kung kakayanin ko, but I took it as a challenge to prove myself at nakaya ko naman, hanggang sa ako mismo, nasabi ko sa sarili ko, ako si Danaya. That was a proud moment for me. The role opened doors for me dahil after that, nabigyan ako ng solo soaps like ‘Haplos’ and ‘Dahil sa Pag-ibig’ at nakapareha ko si Dennis Trillo sa ‘Cain at Abel’.”