September 29, 2018
Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino

Maganda ang ginawa ni Kris Aquino na i-disable ang comment box nang i-post ang press statement na “Kris Aquino Leaves For Medical Treatment, Directs Legal Action On Asset Protection” dahil walang makapag-comment, lalo na ang bashers.

“Kris Aquino has advised her lawyers of her need to fly to Singapore tomorrow (Sunday) to obtain appropriate medical assessment in the coming days.

“Medical tests she took locally on September 21 and 26 require a more comprehensive set of tests that are currently not available in the country. She has been transparent in sharing with the public the health issues she has battles even as she currently takes maintenance medicine of hypertension, sever allergies and migraine. Her recent weight loss prompted her to proactively have some tests done and she was advised by two Philippine physicians to consult with an expert in this field of medicine to have the best knowledge and care to protect her health with all needed medication and treatment.

“During meetings with her lawyers over the past days, she has given specific and strict instructions on the manner by which she intends to safeguard assets she had acquired and investments she had made. As one of the country’s consistently top taxpayer, she prefers that nothing will be left to chance to protect those she had set aside and those she had proposed to acquire for the future of her sons, Josh and Bimby.

“I only ask that you do all the needs to be done to assure my sons that my hard-earned saving and investments for their future and well-being are protected.” Kris also made clear that no legal remedies should be left untapped to ensure that her instructions are carried out by her lawyers.

“Kris will be back in the country after completing her medical evaluation and she expects to fulfil all her work commitments at the soonest possible time.”

Contact for this statement -- Atty Sigrid Fotun at (02) 8128670.

Heto naman ang caption ni Kris sa press release:

“To all who have prayed for us, sending messages of love, comfort, encouragement, loyalty, and unwavering support -- i thank you w/ all my heart...This is a period of my life testing my fortitude. Betrayal in any form is heartbreaking, but the attempt of this man & his brother -- who never met nor even conversed with me in any form -- to alter FACTS & deceitfully & maliciously attacking my family’s honor & credibility, strengthened my resolve to use all legal meand for TRUTH TO WIN. Fortun Narvasa and Divina Law will uphold my firm belief that JUSTICE is a right every law abiding Filipino should protect, defend, and fight for. (To battle fairly & with no political agenda we chose 2 law firms that had no ties to my brother’s administration.)

“The comments section will be disabled upon the advice of Atty. Fortun so no names or entities shall be mentioned on my feed... my sons & i leave tomorrow, please allow me this small privacy to not share details about my current state of health to shield my sons from more stress. They have cried more tears than children should ever have to. I have complete faith in my doctors and in our Creator’s healing mercy. I shall courageously give my ALL for kuya josh & bimb to be assured that the only parent present in their lives, can & will continue to love, care, and provide for them for many healthier & happier years to come. #laban.”

Manonood dapat si Kris ng concert nina Erik Santos at Sharon Cuneta, pero hindi siya pinayagang lumabas ng bahay ng kanyang doctor.