TV fare tonight

April 18, 2020

IN tonight's TV fare, GMA7 presents 'Yaya Dubai and I' on Magpakailanman. This is a true story of Jenny, an OFW in Dubai assigned to take care of a child with cerebral palsy.

Jenny becomes close to the child which drew admiration from her handsome boss, Hany, an Egyptian. When Hany divorced his first wife, he became close to Jenny.

But Hany soon gets a new wife leaving Jenny's feelings in the dark.

The episode 'Yaya Dubai' tonight on Magpakailanman, hosted by Mel Tiangco, is starred in by Wowowin's  "Hipon Girl" Herlene Budol. with Lotlot De Leon, Vaness Del Moral, Mike Agassi, Euwenn Aleta, Marlon Mance, Ana De Leon, and Joaquin Manansala under the direction of Jorron Monroy. Magpakailanman airs after Daddy's Gurl.

Meanwhile, featured on ABS-CBN's 'Maalaala Mo Kaya' hosted by Charo Santos, is the timely story of a nurse’s many sacrifices in the pursuit of her profession takes the spotlight this week (April 18, Saturday) on Maalaala Mo Kaya over ABS-CBN.

The episode is directed by  Raz dela Torre, written by  Benson Logronio.

The cast is led by Maxene Magalona as Fatima, supported by

Bembol Roco, Shamaine Buencamino, Kathleen Hermosa, and Joseph Bitangcol.

In the story, Fatima grows up in a happy, well-off family. Her father’s dedication to public service and her mother’s care for those who are in need inspire Fatima to become a nurse or a doctor.

As years passed by, she gains other interests and learns to love the hiphop culture. Adding to her repertoire of talents, Fatima soon learns how to rap while juggling school and other hiphop activities. After college, getting work is not as easy as she expects.

She eventually finds a job in a government hospital where she faces the realities and hard work of being a nurse. This, however, does not stop her from  helping others. She discovers a way to use her rapping skills inside the hospital to give joy to her patients.

Years later, the working conditions in the hospital where she works dampen her spirit. As she is about to consider quitting her job, her parents show their support and encourage her to continue serving the people in need. While battling physical exhaustion day by day, the choice between quitting and helping others continues to bother her.

During this time, a relative of a patient takes a video of her rapping for a sick patient, and it seems like she is free of her doubts. As her frustration peaks, she confides her dilemma to her mother. She even reaches the point of blaming her parents for pushing her to never quit. Her mother attempts to appease her by telling Fatima how proud they are of her.

Meanwhile, her video entertaining a patient through a rap performance goes viral. After seeing other people’s reaction and encouragement on what she has done, Fatima’s hesitations slowly disappear. She now thinks of her purpose as a nurse rapper as a way of showing others that compassion still exists in the hospitals.