Who's afraid of Mayor Vico?

April 02, 2020
Vico Sotto
Vico Sotto

NETIZENS are up in arms against the government’s move for the NBI to investigate Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto for allegedly not following quarantine protocol. Obviously, the trapos are feeling so insecure of Vico as he is the most popular darling of the public among our politicians now, unlike someone who said he’ll have a presscon at 4 PM but appeared so much later and didn’t have anything much to say anyway. 

With Vico, he doesn’t announce anything. He just acts, and that’s what the people like in him. He has good foresight in anticipating the needs of his constituents. Because they can’t go to markets, he put up itinerant carts selling various goods. It goes around the neighborhood and people has no need to go to distant stores anymore. 

Like what netizens point out, when it comes to its ass licking allies, this government is very lenient, like with Sen. Koko Pimentel who endangered the lives of patients and health workers in Makati Medical Center when he went there even if he knew that he’s infected with COVID-19. How irresponsible! And yet the government is asking compassion for him???? Sorry but our officials seem to have a distorted and warped sense of priorities. Don't they realize that what they're doing to Vico, they're only endearing him more in the hearts of the public. So, you epal public officials who are just envious of Vico’s popularity, just eat your hearts out!