Zsa Zsa's work for American TV series project with other Pinoy talents stopped due to lockdown

April 21, 2020
Zsa Zsa Padilla

ZSA ZSA Padilla implores people to just stay home while we’re on lockdown to avoid the spread of corona virus. She says she knows it can be stressful so, in her social media account, she gave some tips on how not to get bored and how to take good care of your emotional and mental health while we’re all just staying at home. 

She writes:  “Are you sometimes overwhelmed with stress? Have you tried meditation? It’s rather simple. You start with focusing on your breath and clearing your mind. Try and do this in the morning upon waking up. All you need is 10 mins a day and you will begin to feel the difference in a couple of days or weeks. I am no expert and just started this practice by accident when I was about to have kidney surgery 8 years ago. I noticed that it made me a calmer person.  

“With all the stressful news going around these days during lockdown, I realized that I had to get back to it. Let’s make this a daily habit. Let’s not forget to take good care of our mental health, too. Love and light to everyone. I have attached a site for beginners in my IGStories. God bless us all.”

Zsa Zsa is also a member of the cast of an American TV series currently shot on location in Cebu in coordination with ABS-CBN. This is “Amost Paradise” about a former Drug Enforcement Administeration (DEA) agent who retires in Cebu and opens up a boutique shop there. 

The lead character is played by Hollywood actor Christian Kane, who has appeared in movies like “Friday Night Lights”, “Just Married”, “Life or Something Like It” and “Tinker”, and in TV series like “Leverage”, “The Librarians”, “Angel” and “The Supernatural”.

“Almost Paradise” has Dean Devlin, of “Independence Day” and “Godzilla”, as executive producer and co-writer. It has ten one-hour episodes and local directors have been hired to helm some episodes, like Dan Villegas, Irene Villamor and Hannah Espia. The local actors who get to appear in all ten episodes are Nonie Buencamino, Art Acuna and Ces Quesada. 

Angeli Bayani plays a doctor and appears in two episodes. Local stars who appear in one episode each include Lotlot de Leon, Sandino Martin, Nikki Valdez, Alex Vincent Medina, Benj Manalo,  Will Devaughn, Marc Acueza, Eric Tai and Guji Lorenzana. 

Zsa Zsa plays the role of a government official named Governor Rosales. They all auditioned for their respective roles. The show will be aired on WGN America.