Food combinations good for health

February 16, 2019
Soy ice cream
Soy ice cream

FILIPINOS love to try new things and that include food or combo pairings. 

We’ve tasted various appetizing food combinations and we find them unique and appealing. Wait, there are still more food combinations that you may find weird but really taste good. Wanna try?

* Ice cream and soy sauce. Whoa! This is weird. We’re not making adobo but the strange taste of ice cream and soy sauce (sweetness and saltness) are good  till you finish the last scoop.

* Rice and coffee. Yeah..we’ve tasted this in the highlands of northern Luzon. Some prefer toasted rice and marshmallows as toppings for hot brewed coffee or chocolate. It’s really good.

* Rice and raw egg. Plain meets creamy and gooey. You may make the egg raw or half cooked and mix it with the rice. 

* Potato crisps and chocolate. Not bad. The taste is fine. Sweet and salty is the way to go. Dunk your plain salted potato chips to your Nutella or chocolate spread. You can never go wrong with chocolate anyway.

* Chicken braised in coke. Chinese cooks have been doing this a long time ago. The fizziness of Coke will tenderize the meat, and help you get the sweetness you want in your meal. 

* Avocado and soy sauce. A little drop of soy sauce can change a lot of things. It cuts the fattiness of the avocado perfectly. And if you prefer something sweeter, maybe try to put honey on it.