Beer and Nuts

August 19, 2020
Sweet nuts

SOMETIMES there is a grain of truth to food combination warnings.

Both beer and salty foods like nuts can cause dehydration, so consuming them together will critically deplete the water in your body. You may get so thirsty that you end up drinking way too much beer in an effort to hydrate.

Did you notice this, bar owners typically serve salty food with beer because they know it will make you drink more.

Salt also tends to blunt the bitterness of beer somewhat, making it easier to drink.

Beer conversely improves our experience of salty foods, which is why we tend to crave salty stuff when we’re drinking it.

However, beer is a diuretic, and as such actually causes your body to excrete more sodium in your urine. It’s not likely that the salty snacks will contribute to critical dehydration. The alcohol alone can, though.

Unless you want a massive hangover, try to drink at least as many glasses of water as you do alcohol.