Best tips on how to save money for travel as a student

May 30, 2020
Tips to save money

Traveling the world remains a dream for many students because they do not know how to come up with the cash. From afar the trips can look expensive, especially transport, accommodation, and food. However, with the tips below, students can comfortably organize, save, and travel without worrying about their finances.

Set a goal and stick to it

According to reliable writing service,, goals keep you on track and most importantly help you focus and stay motivated.  Setting a dream destination can be quite easy; that is why we emphasis on sticking to the goal. The new and more exciting place will always exist, and if you keep switching your goal as soon as you see them, then it won't be easy to stay focused. If you have set goals, you can easily measure the progress you have made weekly and pull up the socks in places that are lagging. The best way to achieve set goals is to Open a dedicated travel savings account and stick to the amount you set to save. You should also decide on the type of trip you want and research on how much money you need to travel.

Find a part-time job or a side hustle

Side hustle

A part-time job is always a viable way for students to make extra cash, whether they are looking to travel or not. However, it is easy to say than done especially for those who have tight school years. Some courses are challenging to juggle while working due to the many assignments and close declines. It is advisable to go for part-time jobs like tutoring that have flexible working hours and can still occur during the weekends. Side hustles are even better options because you can do them anytime you are free and anywhere. Some of the most flexible side hustles include online writing, baking, online surveys, and renting your car. They are the best ways on how to save money to travel independently. If you are lack of time because of home assignment for ethical dilemma essays you better ask for help from professionals and earn more money on a part-time job.

Hunt for student discounts

Hunting for student’s discounts is the best way to increase pocket change, which is the best answer to how much cash you travel with to your trip. It would help if you researched travel agencies that offer a discount for students. You will be surprised at how cheap your flight can be especially during off-seasons when companies are struggling. Airlines also offer students discounts on travel, and getting those travel cards can be crucial for you.  Always remember to:

⮚    Ask for student discounts anytime you are transacting
⮚    Upgrade and Carry your student card everywhere because you never know
⮚    Such online and subscribe to receive updates on current discounts
⮚    Ask friends, family, and employees for places that offer discount

Have a monthly target

Setting this target can only be possible when you know for sure the date you want to travel. If you are targeting the next summer break, then you should count the month in between it. Six months means you have that amount of time to save, so you have to divide the cost equally. You can now decide on cutting on costs or earning more depending on the monthly targets set. The best way to achieve set objectives is to use applications that guide you or set reminders on your phone.

Find alternatives to spending and save a lot more

Spending alternative

When finding alternatives, we are advising of cutting out things you can do without especially those unhealthy snacks. Remember that it will be challenging for you to turn down friends when they organize to go to the movies. You will have to say no to this and many because it is the best way to save money for a trip. It is essential at this stage to review your spending.

⮚    Live at home as save a lot of money on accommodation.
⮚    Make your coffee and carry packed lunch and save money you would have used on food.
⮚    Alternatively, you can live in a residential hall with shared rooms to save much more for that trip you yearn for
⮚    Find alternative transport, for example, a bicycle to save on transportation.
⮚    You can write custom essays for your friends and other students

Sell that stuff you no longer use

If you are serious about that destination, a trip then it is time to sell all that stuff you are not utilizing is how to save money as a student. Create some time to gather all the things you have not touched in the last six months. Afterward decide on where to kip, bin, sell or give to goodwill. You can get quick extra cash by:

⮚    Old toys that still have value
⮚    Clothes that no longer fit or interest you online
⮚    Books for previous school years that you do not need
⮚    That bicycle that you have outgrown can be worth something.

Concisely, traveling as a student is a daunting task if you do not apply discipline while saving. It is all in the little decisions and sacrifices you make towards that goal. It may be taking an extra shift at work or sacrificing a good time with friends. Learning how to save towards this goal helps, you become independent-minded.