Discover the hidden features of your phone

January 12, 2019
Mobile phone
Enable the “Palm Motion” in your “My Device” settings to make screenshot without using two buttons.

SMARTPHONES are loading more and more powerful features as their  versions go higher.

Most mid-range phones in the market are running under Android 7 or 8 versions (Nougat and Oreo). These smartphones already have plenty of functions most users have not fully discovered (what more if it is a Pie version Android 9).

Basically, the special (and useful) features are always hidden and only IT experts knew how to find them. Like for example, there’s a hidden Android game in your phone hidden through the phone’s settings.

We got some of these hidden features in iPhones and Android, whichever phone you have to try and check.

For Android phones:

* Find your lost phone. This feature is good in case you misplaced your phone or simply forgotten it somewhere else. Except if the phone was snatched by robbers, you may not be able to recover it especially if the snatcher knows how to unlock your phone, remove the SIM card and reset it immediately to factory default.

If you’ve lost your Android phone, you can easily find it. Launch a browser and navigate to, and enter your Google password. You’ll then see a map where you’ll see your phone’s location. You’ll also be able to call your phone or delete all data if needed.

* Enable night mode setting to read at night. All mid-range phones have this function. This feature cancels out any harmful blue light emitted from your screen, the color becomes softer and more yellowish. It’s much less dangerous for our eyes when reading in the evening or while in bed. You can switch your screen via settings in “Accessibility.” This function will also make the process of reading at night more comfortable.

* Take a screenshot without using any buttons. Normally, we press upper (volume) button and the power button simultaneously to make a screen shot. But the Android hidden feature can help you make screen shot with the motion of your palm. You just have to swipe with your palm along the screen to do that. This feature is always disabled on your phone, so you may want to enable it. Just go to settings, then click “My device,” then “Motions and gestures,” and enable “Palm motion.”

* Hidden game on your phone. This is another hidden feature mentioned above. Go to settings, click “About Phone”. You will see the “Android version”, or you first click the “Software Information” to see the “Android version”. Press the “Android version”, it will reveal the symbol of nougat or oreo, then hold your finger down to play the game.

For iPhones:

* Improve your connection quality. This iPhone feature allows you to increase the quality of your connection if you’re in the province especially. Enter the code *3370#. Remember, this will make the battery drain faster. To disable this function, enter #3370#.

* Use Ctrl + Z. If you accidentally delete text or if you want to delete text, try to shake your iPhone. You’ll get a popup saying “Undo.”