DIY hand sanitizer

March 19, 2020
Hand sanitizer

WHILE washing your hands with soap is certainly the best way to rid of germs, alcohol and sanitizers would help disinfect and kill viruses lingering on hard surfaces and door knobs. 

Because alcohol can cause skin dryness, hand sanitizer is a decent choice.

However, supermarkets, groceries and drug stores were out of stock of alcohol and sanitizers, you can make your own with safe ingredients.

You need:

* 6 oz of Aloe Vera Gel

* 6 Tbsp of rubbing alcohol   

* 20 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil  (or more)

* 10 drops of your favorite anti-viral Essential Oil (or more, options: Lemon for its good smell and its anti-everything properties).

Mix it all together and put it in an air tight container. Leave the rest of the mixture in the fridge for next use.