Dry skin prone to germs, infection

April 18, 2020

DISINFECTING hands with alcohol and sanitizers would help prevent virus infection.

However, frequent use of alcohol and alcohol-based sanitizers would later dry your skin and make it vulnerable to infection.

Aside from washing your hands with soap and applying alcohol and sanitizers, you also need to moisturize them daily.

With moisturizer, it will help keep your skin barrier healthy so that you can better fight off the germs you’re exposed to.

You would notice your skin is getting dry when you feel itchy and tight when you close your fist. Wrinkles are also becoming obvious.

Health experts said dry hands raise your risk for coronavirus infection. They said that when your hands are dry and cracked, your skin barrier is broken. Broken skin makes you susceptible to germs and bacteria.

Just like other germs and virus, the coronavirus could cling to your skin and would get into your respiratory system if you touch your nose or face.

If your hands are dry and cracked, you would feel sharp or stinging pain when you use alcohol or sanitizer or even when you wash with soap. That would discourage you from using alcohol again even when you know you should.

Washing your hands less frequently could put you at risk of catching COVID-19.

You can help heal cracked skin fast with the use of skin moisturizer.

Also, do not forget to disinfect what you touch most and that includes: your phone, television remote control, light switches, door knobs, refrigerator handles, laptop, and computer keyboards

These frequently touched items could be harboring hundreds if not thousands of viruses. So, wipe them down and disinfect often.