Early Christmas décor brings happiness

November 07, 2018
Christmas tree
Christmas tree

WE now feel the cool breeze of the air, the atmosphere is cold which indicates that we’re in Christmas season — Christmas songs (most of Jose Mari Chan’s) being played in malls and parks, with sparkling lights hanging in the trees.

Many believe that putting up early Christmas décor could bring early happiness and feel less stressed of Christmas.

It’s true, getting in the festive spirit with sparkling lights and tinsel (though we’re still in early part of November) could lighten up your feelings and bring  childhood happy memories – with friends as you stroll the streets and sing Christmas carols and eat puto bumbong along the way.

Looking at a Christmas tree or while putting up one and hanging each décor could remind of your someone and rekindle sweet memories.

Others believe  that putting up early Christmas decoration would help to feel more connected to your loved ones abroad or could also recall the happy days you had with your lost loved one or someone in the past.

Go ahead and get that festive feeling though it’s still November.