Feel the joy of Christmas without spending much

November 06, 2018
Christmas decors

CHRISTMAS is just around the corner and you’re probably making plans now for the occasion. Christmas celebration would also mean spending a lot on  gifts and decorations,  buying stuff  for children, friends and relatives, and good food on the table.

Are there any other options to be happy with your family without feeling the pressure to spend? We’ve got some ideas from bemorewithless.com and these will surely complete your Christmas.

* Shop early. Many would start getting their Christmas bonuses (13th and 14th month pay and cash bonus) by mid-November, so this also means a chance for many to shop early.

Start now while the stores are not completely overblown with Christmas. You’ll be able to get the gifts you want without as much fuss. Plan ahead. Create a Christmas list with columns for the person, the amount and idea. Total the amount so you know exactly how much money is needed. Then hit the stores with cash in hand to avoid overspending.

* Have a season of experiences. Instead of buying the kids a pile of gifts they can’t possibly appreciate, spend a portion of their gift money on a holiday experience. Go to a garden of lights, enjoy a sleigh ride. Take them to the symphony Christmas concert. There are so many ways to experience Christmas that will give them joyful, lasting memories.

* Do not watch advertisements. This the season of advertising. Instead of letting these ads make you feel inadequate, choose to ignore their message. Put the TV on mute during commercial breaks or stop watching it all together. Rent your favorite Christmas flicks from the video store or on Netflix. Read meaningful stories to get your next year in a positive direction and leave the sales flyers to someone else.

* Help others enjoy Christmas. Does your family volunteer during the holidays? This year, look into the multiple ways to give back during the season. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter, adopt a family, ring the bell in your Church community or parish. Make Christmas cookies while they’re visiting. Sing carols at the nursing home. This dark time of year needs people to brighten the world, not just lights.

* Focus on the senses. The best parts of Christmas awaken my senses like no other time of the year. Smell of Christmas cookies wafting through the house, love how the white lights on the porch glows, and enjoy the Christmas music.

Remember, Christmas is about joy not spending. Christmas isn’t about material things. Find other ways to feel rich instead.