Fight cold season blues

January 15, 2019

THE cold weather we have experienced these past few days causes dryness, body pains, lethargy, coughs, flu and even dangerous pneumonia in the elderly.

As we become less physically active these days, we crave for more food. To thwart possible weight gain that can lead to serious illness, here are some ideas you can do:

* Drink 6 to 10 cups of warm liquids and herbal teas to prevent dehydration.

* Eat freshly prepared warm food to enhance circulation and increase warmth in your body.

* Keep warm by wearing warm, natural fiber clothes.

* Increase your fiber intake to keep bowels clean.

* Add warming vegetables to your meals like avocados, beets, brussels sprouts,  carrots,  pumpkins,  winter squash, sweet potatoes,  cabbage, onions and mung beans.

* Get enough sleep.

* Avoid tomatoes, cucumbers and leafy lettuce because these are cooling summer foods.

* Give yourself a daily sesame oil massage to moisten the skin in this dry season and to calm the nervous system. It is rich in fatty acids to help repair dry skin making it soft and smooth.

* Avoid refined sugar which weakens the immune system.

* Use healthy sweeteners like honey which will strengthen the immune system, Molasses full of iron and other minerals and coconut sugar with its low glycemic index.

* Avoid cold foods and iced drinks.

* Get some direct sunlight as much as possible.

* Cut out mucous forming foods like dairy,  eggs  and wheat especially if you are prone to colds and flus.

* Eliminate refined oils and include healthy fats that are cold pressed (almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and Ghee).