Foods that help you get well

April 06, 2020
Shiitake Mushroom and Red Cabbage
Shiitake and red cabbage contain fair amount of antiseptic properties that help us heal fast when we are sick.

YOU’VE probably heard or read on the internet that some of the common foods we eat or ingredients we use as garnish have medicinal properties – could lower high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and even help kill bacteria or are antiseptic.

That is why doctors are regulating the use of antibiotics to prevent misuse and abuse since most of the foods we eat are antiseptic.

If among the foods listed below are your favorites, you would wonder why you easily get well when you eat one of these while you are sick.

* Mushrooms. Look like fungi, but did you know that many antibiotics, such as penicillin, tetracycline and streptomycin are actually derived from fungi?  Studies have showed the bacteria-fighting abilities of mushrooms. But not all mushrooms have this potency. Each mushroom has its own medicinal properties so identify which. The shiitake variety is known for cancer, bacteria and virus-fighting capabilities, and is also an effective cholesterol regulator. Reishi mushrooms help regulate blood pressure and have anti-inflammatory abilities.

* Cabbage. Red cabbage has its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer powers. New studies have shown that red cabbage can combat drug-resistant bacteria strains, like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli.

Cabbage leaves have been used for centuries to treat mastitis (breast infection), which typically occurs in nursing mothers. Patients are instructed to apply the leaf directly to the breast as needed to fight infection.

* Turmeric. Scientists at Cornell University found that spices including turmeric and oregano as well as onions and garlic killed 100 percent of bacteria they came in contact with. Thyme, cinnamon, cumin and tarragon can sap up to 80 percent of bacteria.

Turmeric, in most Asian cuisine is an essential ingredient in curry because of its bold flavor. The properties of curcumin are known to heal wounds and lower blood sugar. Curcumin is also a known anti-cancer agent, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.