How often should you have sex

July 27, 2020

YOU may find it funny, it may be also awkward to ask your partner during your quality time how often one should have sex? It’s not about testing your partner’s fidelity but we all know that sex has health benefits particularly on physical and emotional aspects. It can help reduced risk of heart disease and improved self-esteem.

Some couple or individuals would say they have sex about once or twice a week while others would prefer more often than this. Of course, stress is a big factor in human life every day aside from the attitudes of other people surrounding you may affect the quality of your sex life.

The Kinsey Institute conducted a research and this is what they found among the surveyed group according to age:

* 18-29 years old: on average 112 times a year or about nine times a month or more than twice a week;

* 30-39 years: on average 86 times a year or about seven times a month or twice a week;

* 40-49 years: on average 69 times a year or about once a week or five times a month.

In addition, researchers also showed that 13 percent of married couples have sex only a few times a year, 45 percent of them have sex several times a month, 34 percent of them have sex two to three times a week and seven percent of them have sexual intercourse four or more times a week.

For 50 and up, well, sex could happen maybe once a week or once every two weeks depending on the situation and health condition or may be none, and sometimes may not happen when grandchildren are around.

A separate online research-survey conducted by “Your Tango” among its married readers showed the minimum, average and the ideal number of sexual activities for one month.

For the minimum, most of the readers said its once a month; for an average, once a week and for perfect lovemaking moment is three to five times a week.