Improve muscle strength and balance

April 15, 2020

SEATED all day during the extended Enhanced Community Quarantine could lead to sedentary lifestyle and increase your risk to certain diseases.

Surfing the net and watching videos on YouTube all day sitting, exercise is next to impossible.

You may try some of these suggestions we got that will help you increase muscle mass and gain better balance (once you stand up to pee or go elsewhere).

These modes of exercises are recommended for the seniors but this could be helpful to people who are working more than eight hours sitting at the desk or stuck in front of the computer.

Stronger muscles mean being able to carry our own groceries, get out of a chair with ease, and walk farther and faster. Stronger muscles help ward off joint problems, decrease the risk of osteoporosis, and improve posture and back pain.

Here are some to try using an exercise band:

* Chest press. Sit upright in a chair. Wrap the band behind your back and grasp each end right underneath your arm pits. Press out with both arms until your elbows are almost straight. Slowly bring your arms back until your hands are back underneath your armpits.

* Abdominal crunch. Sit upright on the edge of a chair. Cross your arms over your chest and slowly lean back until your shoulder blades just touch the back of the chair. Hold this position for a few seconds (remembering to breathe consistently as you do so) and then slowly rise up to your starting seated position.

* Seated row. Sit upright on the edge of a chair. Keeping your knees bent and your heels planted on the floor, extend your legs out a little bit in front of you. Wrap the exercise band around your feet, crisscross the band and hold one end in each hand. Pull your arms back in a bent-arm rowing position, making sure to squeeze your shoulder blades towards each other. Slowly release your arms back to their starting position out in front of you.

* Biceps curl. Sit upright in a chair and plant your feet on the floor in front of you with your thighs running parallel to the floor. Place the band underneath both feet and grip each end in your hands. Keep your elbows at your side as you curl your palms up towards your shoulders. Slowly bring your hands back down - keeping your elbows at your sides - until your hands touch the tops of your thighs. For this exercise, the band may be substituted with hand weights or even canned goods.

* Leg press. Sit upright in a chair. Lift up one leg and wrap the resistance band around your shoe, taking firm hold of each end. Flex your foot and press it out until your knee is almost straight (avoid locking your knee, as doing so can cause injury). Slowly bring your leg back to the bent position, making sure to keep resistance on the band. Repeat the same movement with your other leg.