Mindful meditation: Give your mind hours of prayers, silence

April 08, 2020

HAVE you tried giving yourself hours of silence to meditate and pray?

Silence allows your mind to settle down, so you can begin to see the world with greater clarity. Silence also helps you focus your attention on your inner world.

Mindful meditation helps you in many ways:

* Overcome Stress and Anxiety. One of the benefits of meditation most often touted is that it helps you overcome stress and anxiety. The stress and anxiety brought by the coronavirus (COVID-19), the extended lockdown, and resources (food and money) are getting low, can cause headaches and blood pressure to shoot up.

When you do mindful meditation, you are breaking all your worries. This will ease stress and anxiety.
* Clears your mind. Once your mind settles down, you’ll naturally begin to see things with much greater clarity. Have you ever noticed how sometimes going for a short walk helps you clear your mind?

When everything is cleared, you will see that the world will make much more sense. Confusion will begin to disappear, and you’ll be able to pursue your life goals without hesitation.
* You can control your emotions. All of our emotions are triggered by our thoughts, either conscious or unconscious. So if our mind is flooded with thoughts, then it is also flooded with emotions.

When your mind calms down, you will naturally experience fewer emotions. In addition, with the increasing clarity, you’ll be able to heal the wounds from your past, which fester in your subconscious mind.

* You gain control of your body. As you control your emotions, you can control your body.

Self-awareness also extends to our body. When we are more aware of our body, we are more conscious of the subtle cues our body is sending us. This will lead to better decisions regarding our nutrition, physical activity, and medical care.

With better physical health, we will feel better emotionally. We will feel more confident and energetic. And we’ll avoid emotional problems, such as depression and loneliness, which often come with an aging body.

* Helps heal wounds from the past. As you develop greater clarity through a calming mind, you’ll be able to see past issues from a different perspective. In addition, your calming emotions will help you look at them with greater objectivity.

* Helps improve your personal development. The work that you do at a retreat basically enables you to perform at an optimal level by eliminating the barriers that are holding you back. Such barriers include stress, unresolved issues, and a racing mind.