Olive Oils from Spain: Chinese Cuisine Embraces the Goodness of Olive Oils

January 07, 2019
Chicken in Olive Oil

Less than a month before the celebration of the Chinese New Year, families and restaurants of China already think of the menu for the great celebration. For this special occasion, Olive Oils from Spain proposes the use of this ingredient as a way to start the year with wellness and health.

The versatile uses of olive oils in the kitchen are extraordinary. They provide unique aromas and flavors. At the same time, they do not mask the flavors of the rest of the food. They can be applied to thousands of plates both hot and cold. In addition, they are much more resistant and stable to high temperatures than other vegetable oils, allowing them to be used several times in the preparation of fried foods without losing their magnificent properties.

Chinese New Year 2019 starts with a healthier lifestyle

Olive oils symbolize a unique lifestyle that represents the Mediterranean diet, one of the most recommended by doctors and nutritionists around the world, who have found multiple benefits in this product for health, especially in the prevention of ailments linked to bad eating habits. Olive oils are a source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Extra virgin olive oil, particularly, is a food rich in natural antioxidants such as vitamin E and polyphenols.

Olive oils, can be applied in as many ways as you can imagine

The olive oil can be used for frying food, and its other uses are as varied as food or techniques used in the kitchen. Of course, it is insurmountable to season coldly, alone or mixed with spices; it also extends the life of canned products.

A gift full of health and wellness

Do not forget that the premium quality of extra virgin olive oil makes it a star gift among Chinese consumers. Wish your loved ones a year full of flavor and well-being with a bottle of olive oil.

Olive Oils from Spain, with the collaboration of the European Union, launched the "Olive Oil World Tour" promotional campaign last September under the slogan "Let's Make a Tastier World," which seeks to bring the benefits of the product to Asian consumers and invite them to discover the benefits of olive oils, which are an emblem of European excellence.