Simple ways to add more years to your life

January 26, 2019
Tape measure

ONCE you reach mid-life, you would notice several changes in your body and your metabolism. Restrictions on certain foods (limit on sugar and salt), including serving size must be followed. Slight violations may cause your numbers to shoot up and might aggravate your condition, if you have any.

But health experts said, you can add years to your life by simply adopting healthier lifestyle habits. These habits would not cause you to break the bank. The rules are simple: just follow them (no excuses) and you will see how these habits impact you’re your biological age.

* Eat less sugar and more on vegetables. If you really limit the sugar intake (or even avoid it), that could make a difference of 13 years. Studies showed that taking small measures such as avoiding simple carbs, sugars and syrup, adding more fruits and vegetables and eating less saturated fat (meat) can make a big difference.

* Always watch your blood pressure. Investing on accurate and reliable on blood pressure monitor would save you from developing stroke or heart attack. One of the biggest mistakes is ignoring your blood pressure. Do not be confident that because you’re taking blood pressure meds you’re safe. High blood pressure can age you 12 years. High blood pressure can even cause wrinkles and other visual signs of aging.

You should check your blood pressure once a week if you don’t have blood pressure issues, and more often if you feel something bad. Ideal blood pressure is LESS than 120/80.

Aside from avoiding high sodium foods, you also need to get more sleep – seven to eight hours of sleep is ideal. Missing sleep can affect your health (develop wrinkles, foggy brain, and look stressed).

* Always be happy. Stress and relationships are a major driver of real age. Major stressors can add six years to your real age, but handling stress well and having a strong support system can help reduce your age by five years. Ignore and avoid people with intense negative vibes, they are not happy individuals and trying to pull down others to be like them. Participate in group activities such as religious services or social groups