Sound Celebration @ Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City

January 17, 2019
Ocean Terminal Deck
Sound Celebration @ Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City features Asia’s biggest meditation gong collection over a panoramic view of Hong Kong’s iconic skyline.

Leading the Future of Experiential Wellness Rooted in Authenticity and Nature

HONG KONG -- Taking a trendsetting lead on the global buzz of wellness and mindfulness, Harbour City celebrates the new beginning of 2019 with a transcendent Sound Celebration experience featuring Asia's biggest meditation gong collection and a panoramic view Hong Kong's iconic skyline at Ocean Terminal Deck.

Wellness is one of the world's fastest-growing market segments. The latest estimate from The Global Wellness Institute put the value of the wellness market at a whopping US$4.2 trillion, having grown 12.8% in the last two years. The industry now represents 3.5% of global economic output. In Asia, wellness is particularly prized as a status symbol among modern consumers. In China, one of the world's most health conscious markets, the health and wellness segment is projected to reach US$70 billion by 2020, according to Boston Consulting Group.

With holistic health emerging as a consumer priority, Harbour City curated a one-of-a-kind experience with a team of highly respected sound practitioners from Hong Kong and abroad, blending the sound of gongs and other sacred instruments with cosmic-tuned music and the natural rhythm of the waves in the harbour. Rooted in the authenticity of sound and its connection with nature, the experience marks a new initiative to bring a wide variety of positive, joyful and remarkable experiences to the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong.

Sound Celebration also marks the first public showcase of Asia's biggest meditation gong collection -- a total of 28 cosmic-tuned gongs that can create a vibration resonance field complementing the human body with nature and the universe -- supported by Red Doors Studios, a Hong Kong-based boutique studio widely recognised as the centre for gong training and the study of sound practices.

Ocean Terminal Deck - Meditation Gong
(Left to right) Martha Collard, Jens Zygar and Alix Decker

Martha Collard, Founder and Catalyst for Emotional Wellbeing of Red Door Studios, led the Sound Celebration experience, alongside world-renowned rhythm and sound musicians Jens Zygar and Alix Decker hailing all the way from Germany.

Connect with Nature in an Authentic Experience

Ocean Terminal Deck is the latest addition to the many attractions at Harbour City, and is becoming a unique concept and a highly versatile space for experiential wellness right in the middle of the city centre. With a 270-degree panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour, the space offers unobstructed access for everyone to slow down, breath and connect with nature.

The picturesque environment of the deck not only appeals to the Millennials driving the growing pursuit of wellness, but also makes the ideal location for the Sound Celebration experience. The gongs are among the most powerful sacred instruments, and their vibration amplifies further in an open space linked to the open sky and water.

Martha Collard said, "Gongs are universal for all people. The sounds and rhythms connect us with heaven and earth. The calm they inspire brings global resonance for a world of peace as we celebrate the beginning of a New Year."

Jens Zygar, who shared the stage with Collard and has managed the production of these handcrafted gongs for over 30 years, said: "I was inspired by the science of the frequencies of nature, which as music can elevate life quality and inspire integral efficiency, and in many ways transformative on a personal level."

Exclusively for Harbour City, Collard also created a labyrinth at Ocean Terminal Deck where visitors of Sound Celebration can walk along a single circuitous path winding into the center for a moment of tranquillity and peace. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is a single path with no dead ends. This allows the mind to calm down and focus on the journey rather than the destination.

Performers Bio

Martha Collard, Founder & Catalyst for Emotional Wellbeing, Red Doors Studio

Martha has lived in Asia for over 30 years and as the founder of a boutique studio of calm, she lives her passion to help others by offering opportunities to slow down, connect and rejuvenate using ancient practices that are highly relevant for today's busy lifestyle. Red Doors provides the platform to share the sound of meditation gongs, walking meditation on labyrinths and kundalini yoga, elevating energies and shifting mindsets to make a difference in the community.

Before establishing Red Doors, Martha was in consultancy and her last assignment was with Lane Crawford Joyce Group as VP Group Organizational Wellness where she built a holistic wellness platform for 5,400 staff in four companies in Greater China.

Jens Zygar

Jens is a rhythm and sound musician specializing in a healing and holistic understanding of contemporary sound music. Jens has managed the production of planetary tuned symphonic gongs by German manufacturer PAISTE for over 30 years, inspired by the healing effects of the frequencies of nature.

For the past 25 years, Jens has toured all over the world playing cosmic tuned trance music, releasing 12 albums and is well-known as musical pioneers combining acoustics with electronic sounds. He has played his latest live trance act, called Cosmic Vibration, with his band at music festivals and holistic events across Europe and beyond.

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