Stylish mix of new and vintage Christmas decors

September 23, 2018
Christmas Decorations - Stylish Vintage Mix

TURQUOISE was the Christmas color last year. You must be thinking of something new this year, or a mix of vintage and new or something recycled if you’re on a budget.


The color of your house, or your furniture (or sofa) may help you create a stylish Christmas tree and modern Christmas decoration. Of course, you don’t need all new materials or brand new décors for that. One of the main ingredients of the quality style holiday decoration is to introduce the vintage spirit.

This year’s Christmas color is a combination of purple and green.

* Urban chic. Glass, metal and concrete from Fern Living. Mixing different metal hues – golden, silver and brass gives a specific contemporary appearance to the decor composition and their reflection and play with light are always mesmerizing. The simple geometric forms created by Fern Living for their new Christmas collection aim to create a kaleidoscope of twinkling lights, ornaments, candle holders and contemporary shapes that spread light through the dark season.

* Go classic. In the classic style Christmas decoration arrangement, the red color rules – from the tablecloth to the candles, the glass decorations and even the ribbons. Red spiced up with a lot of gold threads is a classic combination. Leave the porcelain and some other small details  to balance the energy of this majestic colors’ combination. Add delicate tiny ribbons on the Christmas tree, in red of course – to round up the textile composition.

* All natural. You may want to try “all natural” Christmas décor though you’re living in the city. Called country chic, you can use natural materials (pine cone, tree branches), green elements, textile or paper elements for a cozy, homey feel to the decoration compositions. For this country chic style of your Christmas decor, you can use an old basket or hamper for Christmas tree and dress it up with LED Christmas lights. The attractive and vital accent of green branches, wreaths or garlands made from natural elements to decorate tables, doors or walls are always a good hint of country chic style.