Synthetic vinegar safe - Department of Health chief

Synthetic vinegar
Synthetic vinegar

THE Department of Health has clarified that some brands of vinegar found with synthetic acetic acid content are safe to consume.

Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III stressed that the issue is the violations in policy and mislabeling.

“Hindi naman ito safety issue. Ang isyu dito ay paglabag ng policy, mislabeling,” he said.

A recent study from the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute showed that 15 out of 17 brands of vinegar contain synthetic acetic acid.

The PNRI refused to name these brands, but the Food and Drug Administration initiated to examine all vinegar brands. The agency released the result of their examination last week and found five brands containing synthetic acetic acid.

“Hindi siya naaayon sa standard na napag-usapan ng industriya at ng regulating agency na FDA na kailangan sundin nila. Dapat sila ay humarap sa consequences ng kanilang paglabag,” Duque said.

He added that the FDA can change their standard of fermentation process, and disallow these “synthetic vinegar” to be out in the market since they are dangerous to one’s health.

Aside from violating the standard fermentation process, some of the vinegar brands also did not indicate this on their products’ label.

Due to this, the Department of Trade and Industry issued a public advisory reminding the public to refrain from buying vinegar brands that do not comply with policy in labeling products.