Veggie tea concoction for edema

July 06, 2019

THE retention of fluids in the body leads to edema or swelling which is visible on the feet and ankles.

Edema is caused by many factors -- premenstrual syndrome which alludes to physical and emotional changes before periods, pregnancy, high intake of salty foods, unrestrained consumption of processed foods, improper fluid circulation in the body, lack of regular exercise, and the side-effect of some medications. To some people, edema is painful, an indication of some serious medical condition

Pregnant women have visible swelling of feet. On the other hand, prolonged stress on the feet can also cause them to swell. But its recurrence can indicate serious diseases of the liver, heart, or kidneys. Immediate medical consultation is advised in such cases.

While taking certain medication can reduce the swelling, parsley could also help reduce the swelling naturally.

Parsley has long been used as one of old folk remedies. It is known of controlling swelling of the feet and hands by preventing retention of excessive amounts of fluid in the body.

A time-tested and effective natural remedy, used even by Hippocrates, it acts against innumerable diseases like asthma, allergies, urinary tract infection, and digestive ailments. It is also effective against bronchitis.

Parsley is also known as blood pressure stabilizer and cure for rheumatism, a form of arthritis indicated by inflammation of the joints and kidney stones.

A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology showed that parsley significantly increases the composition and volume of urine by acting upon the level of ions of potassium and sodium by osmosis. Thus the body is rid of excessive fluids.

Dr. John R Christopher, a well-known American herbalist, said that two liters of tea made with parsley taken every day (preferably made with fresh leaves, roots, and seeds of the plant) is proven effective in controlling edema.

Here’s how to make parsley tea:

Soak a quarter cup of chopped leaves and roots of parsley in hot water for at least five minutes. To add flavor, combine ginger with lemon or honey after the leaves has been strained. The tea is effective when consumed while it is warm.

You can also prevent edema by raising your legs above the level of the heart while lying down.