What’s the chocolate behind your zodiac sign?

February 17, 2019

* Aries. Your “spirit-chocolate” is full of excitement and joy like the ruby chocolate. The sweet and sour taste represents your optimistic and risk-taking personalities. Let’s just say this is exactly your ‘spirit-chocolate’.

* Taurus. You love Matcha brownies don’t you? That’s why you’re a bit complicated — a bit of bitterness with sweet and chocolatey flavor.

* Gemini. Whether you like to admit it or not, you love a little spice in your life. Chili chocolate has that kick you love to boost your confidence and eliminate all the unnecessary thoughts out of your head. Anyway, it’s not really that spicy especially when it is in dark chocolate.

* Cancer. Christmas is still a long way to go but who says you can’t enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow and whipped cream now? Snuggling up to have a sip and warm your heart sounds like the perfect cure to a long day for you.

* Leo. You love luxurious ice cream. You’re unmistakably “#extra” just like a chocolate gelato with edible gold. Snap it and show the world how awesome your life is.

* Virgo. You love chili chocolate or dark chocolate. You’re simple and want to keep it that way, so let’s stick to the classics. You’re wonderful. Having something familiar gives you that comfort and reassurance. Go ahead, take a break and slide your finger on that chocolate bar.

* Libra.  All you need is a giant box of assorted chocolate. These mini I-don’t-know-what’s-insides are so relatable to you because let’s face it, you’re life is sometimes also a bit unpredictable. The next time you go grocery shopping, make sure you grab one of those big boxes.  

* Scorpio. You love a cheeky drink and we’re not here to judge. With single malt whiskey being your go-to drink, the dark chocolate liquor is bound to be your favorite sweet alter-ego. Go on and let that mysterious, sexy inner-self show.

* Sagittarius. Colorful chocolate candy just screams Sagittarius love to travel and as social as chocolate can get.

* Capricorn. You love the smell of roasted chocolate and it’s really delicious. And this would keep you focused to achieve your goals. Combine your chocolate with roasted almonds.

* Aquarius. You love special chocolates. You don’t care what people think because you always want a total out-of-this-world experience.

* Pisces. Sweet and delicate with a hint of that rich flavor, coconut pralines seem to resonate with you the most. It will tremendously boost your romantic side and give you the right energy that is needed to survive in this chaotic world.