Why diabetics are at high risk for COVID-19

March 31, 2020

MANY of the patients who contracted the coronavirus (COOVID-19) have diabetes and hypertension. Others below 60 years old had other health factors due to smoking or have asthma or allergies.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), diabetics and those who poorly managed their conditions make them prone to infections like COVID-19 which is spreading fast all over the world.

NIH said people with poorly controlled diabetes has a higher chance of getting the virus, and the impact might be worse compared to patients who managed their blood sugar well and maintaining the levels below 200.

They said chronically elevated blood sugar over 200 makes a person prone to infection because his antibodies are weak to fend off foreign bodies trying to invade the body’s immune system.

Other people who had metabolic syndrome (overweight especially) may also catch the virus because the condition could also trigger chronic inflammation, which is the body’s delayed response to infection.

So, for people with diabetes or those who suspect they have unconfirmed diabetes, they need to be more cautious to avoid getting exposed to coronavirus.

They should exercise:

* Proper hand washing several times a day even while staying home and not going out or letting others in.

* Social distancing when going to market or drug stores because this would prevent them from being infected.

* Clean their groceries. Always be sure to use disinfectant wipes or plain soap and water on all plastic containers, and on surfaces where your grocery bags landed.