Why Souping Better Than Juicing

May 25, 2020
Vegetable soup

JUICING is touted as one of many effective methods to reduce weight, for cleansing and fight metabolic disorders.

Because the ingredients in juicing (when mixed with raw vegetables) may not taste good, many would rather skip this or opt for fruit juicing.

Vitamins and minerals are abundant in vegetables and since the taste may not be appealing, cooking and making them soup is the best option.

Nutritionists call it “souping” which involves consuming of food rather than drinking vegetables’ juice. In souping, you can spend a few days or a week consuming healthful, whole-food soup meals without feeling deprived. If you use bone broth as the soup base you’ll receive even more benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improved digestion, joint repair and more.

If you wish to try this method, you may cook vegetables and fruits together in a soup and take them for three days. But watch the salt. Do not overload your soup with salt and pasta. You are defeating the healthful benefits of souping vegetables. You may add a few slices of meat for added taste.