Year of Brown Pig: Best Time to Invest, Make Money

January 02, 2019
Brown Pig

2019 is the year of the Earth (Brown) Pig and this could be a positive year to everyone except to certain animal signs that may not be in harmony with the ruling zodiac animal.

Pig is the 12th animal or the last of 12 animals who crossed the river and arrived at the Emperor’s Palace. Though this sign has destructive and offensive traits, in overall, the year of the Pig would attract success in all the aspects of life especially to animal signs with Water element.

Many Filipinos are now practicing Feng Shui virtues, read on to find out what the Year of the Pig would bring, though under the Chinese lunar calendar, the ruling animal will officially enter on February 5.

If the lucky element under Chinese birth chart is water, then Pig will bring you good fortune in this year. You will do well in 2020, too.

Pig indicates bounty or prosperity that’s why in every festivity  there’s always a roasted pig (lechon).

Since the Earth Pig has Earth element, it is more about bringing of peace and harmony. 2019 would be full of joy, friendship and love, an auspicious year for all the zodiac signs except to those born in the year of the Snake, Rooster, Monkey, and Pig.

Why is the Year of the Pig not auspicious to people born in the year of the Pig (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)?

According to geomancers and Feng Shui experts including Raymond Lo, Pig has greedy, lustrous and lazy character and when he meets his same sign, they may clash because they are like-minded persons with negative thoughts, clever but cheater, cunning and deceptive. And because Pig has dominating Water element (though this year has Earth element), they are considered “two joining river causing flooding”.

To avoid the penalty or bad luck under the year of the Pig, better stay low-profile the entire year because you might meet a “tyrant Pig” as you travel and looking for your luck. That also means that you should be careful as there will be more cheating and fraud particularly on internet.

One of the remedies is to listen to advice and opinions, and understand people’s feelings. To have a prosperous life, do not engage in any fight.

Many are looking positive in the Year of the Pig since this is a year to make money and a good year to invest.

All animal signs in Chinese zodiac would do well and fairly this year except for Snake and Pig. A year full of happiness and prosperity for Rat; a time with good opportunities to make money for Ox; strong and independent Tiger needs to learn how to come to terms with others since you love to do what pleases you; a less wary year than usual for Rabbit, you will easily get close to others and make new friends; a year of reconsiderations for Dragon because the Pig’s calmness has a big impact on you; because the year of the Pig is not good for Snake people, this year you’ll have to be combative and persuasive;

Lucky for the people born in the Year of the Horse, more auspicious than the Dog Year 2018; same to Goat people, this year is a good chance for you to fulfill all your ambitions; a year under the influence of chance for people with Monkey sign; Rooster people need to work hard and to pay attention to the quality of their relationships with others if they want to succeed; and for Dog sign, you need to count only on your own efforts in order to succeed, in short, do not rely on others, the probability of being cheated is high.

Lucky numbers are two, five, six and eight while unlucky numbers for this year are one, three-four, seven and nine. Number Three brings about conflict and robbery while number seven would bring scandals.

According to Master Lo, 2019 is also considered a “Nobleman year” for people born in Fire year or fire day.  Fire years are years ending with “6 and 7” — 1946, 1947, 1956, 1957, 1966, 1967…..etc.  “Nobleman” means an angel coming from Heaven to provide rescue and support and such Nobleman often bring solution to troubles and making the year more comfortable and smooth.  People who are having Nobleman year can take the chance to make progress and develop new projects.