Author Interview: Mercy Jane Ballesteros

October 23, 2018
Mercy Jane Ballesteros

1. How did you realize your love of writing?

  • I started writing at the age of seven and from then on it has been my passion as well as a part of my life.

2. I noticed that you are only 21 years young. As someone who published her first two novels myself while still in high school, what motivates you to be so young and ambitious? Did you notice that people criticized you for being young and published?

  • I have been a dreamer and always be. I have goals that I wanted to achieve, and I will chase it as if my life depended on it. Well, there are few that criticised me for being young, but it won’t deter me from reaching the dreams that I desired the most.

3. What inspires the writings in Love In Between?

  • Most of the short stories are about my experiences since I got sick at thirteen and through writing I can pour out my emotions best. I am a homeschooled student since 2010 and I seldom go out so whenever I meet someone I will write poems about them or may it be songs as long as I am inspired it comes naturally.

4. I noticed even your short stories read like poetry because they are so eloquent in word choice and syntax. What do you love writing more: poetry or prose?

  • Poetry. I love writing it better than prose.

5. What inspired “The Last Days of My Life” piece within Love In Between?

  • I fell into depression and got sick at thirteen. I wrote that as if I was going to die due to the agony I felt but “The Last Days of My Life” also narrates how I accepted my illness and I know that I am loved, and I am satisfied of what was given to me.

6. You are currently studying Marketing in college. What are your goals with your degree once you complete it?

  • I am on my 4th year and will graduate on 2019. I am a stock market and foreign exchange trader, so I will continue to trade and seek investors for my future company. I will also focus on my writing career and continue improving my writing style.

7. Would you say being from the Philippines finds its way into the heart of your work?

  • Yes. My country is my pride.

8. If you could chat with one person living or dead, who would it be and why?

  • My Dear Lord Jesus Christ. He gave me life and loved me unconditionally. He is my guide, my light. He never left my side. I love My Lord.

9. Do you have any other books out or projects forthcoming? How can readers connect with you best?

  • I am currently writing another novel and an autobiography. Through the books I’ve written, I wanted to inspire the readers by stories that would captivate their hearts. With every word perceived, the reader and I, somehow, we have and through those pages, met.

10. Any advice for a young amateur or someone who has an idea but isn’t sure it will survive the cutthroat market?

  • Every successful person will advise every dreamer to never give up, never give in and never let go. I may not be successful yet, but If I were to rede someone I would utter the same words as I believe that success begins with a fellow’s will. Perseverance and determination will make a dreamer succeed.

Author Bio: Hailing from the Philippines, Mercy Jane Ballesteros is a young talent with a soul older than her years.Mercy Jane Porquez Ballesteros was born in Bacolod City, Philippines on February 10,1997. She graduated from Sagay National High School Open High School Program in her hometown Sagay City. Presently, she is pursuing Business Administration Marketing Management at La Consolacion College Bacolod.

In 2013, Mercy at sixteen started writing her book “Poems of Love & Short Stories” which was a compilation of eleven poems and four short stories that was published last 2016. The first few lines of “A Taste of Revenge” her newly published novel, was written in her sophomore year back in High School. She currently released “Love in Between” another collection of poems and short stories.

In February 2015, she became a stock market trader and foreign exchange trader the following year. Mercy have a business plan prepared for “SLIQUE” her future company.