A Blessed, Blissful 2018 for Dr. Joyce Peñas Pilarsky

November 02, 2018
Joyce Penas Pilarsky
Joyce Penas Pilarsky

She is known as “Mother of the Universe” – the first such award given in the Mrs Universe pageant held in 2017  in Durban, South Africa – but for her family, close friends and numerous fans, Dr. Joyce Penas Pilarsky is the perfect and living version of the how-to book she wrote – Young, Sexy and Gorgeous – for a fulfilling healthy life.

With masteral and doctorate degrees in Alternative Medicine from the University of Makati, her lifelong secret, of course, is to fine-tune almost to perfection “one’s God-given talents and resources.” Thus, while she is high society’s toast as beauty queen and philanthropist, she always goes back to honing her original passion for fashion and allied arts.

Dr. Joyce is back in Manila after a short vacation in Karlsruhe,Germany and in time for her September birthday celebration with her chosen beneficiaries, the Golden Haven Retirement Home (Home for the Aged) in Calinan District in Davao City and The Field of Dreams Children’s Home in Tugbok, Davao City.

“Every year I always make it a point to celebrate my birthday with different organizations which takes care and shelters orphans and  elderlies, women in correctional institutions and streetchildren. I want my special day to be a special day as well to the kids that I’m going to visit,  to share my blessings and have a meaningful interaction with them. Even when I was still a flight stewardess in Philippine Airlines and in Saudia Airlines, I would come home and celebrate it with the streetchildren or homeless kids,” says Dr.  Joyce whose motto in life is to “Spread God’s love!”

In the last quarter of 2018, Joyce would have finished producing and ready for showing two independent films – “Sa Pagsuyo and  “Sikreto ng Piso” – that are labor of her love and advocacy to support the special role of teachers in the lives of  children.

A first for JPP Dreamworld Productions

But before that, and just last month, her JPP Dreamworld Productions – in partnership with Hollywood Weekly Magazine – launched its maiden public event,

“Elite in the City Runway Show” at the Century City Mall in Makati City.

Dr. Joyce showcased on mannequins and on the runway her new Bridal Collection, introducing at the same time the JPP models who are enrolled at their Models’ Bootcamp, which was designed for emerging models, freelance models and seasoned models who wanted to take the next step and keep an active career in the modeling world.

A grand highlight of the show was the first Philippines Elite Awards to recognize and honor the successful and ground-breaking individuals who have made outstanding contributions and impact in our country. This prestigious first batch included: Rose Santiago Licup (Fashion Trendsetter of the Year); Nanette Feliciano (Woman of Grandeur); Marge Palacios (Businesswoman of the Year); Kitty Doll (Fashion Paragon of the Year); Michelle Encarnacion (Health & Wellness Proponent of the Year); Reliberth Omido (Woman of Hope); Marilyn de Mesa (Most Inspiring Businesswoman of the Year); Myla Villagonzalo Tsutaichi (Cultural and Artistic Excellence Award); Avon Morales (Millennial Model of the Year); Connie Lam (Social Awareness Awardee); Cecil Twitt (Pillar of Strength Awardee); Ana Villegas (Young Achiever of the Year);

Dra. Riza Caldoza de Leon (Social Media Influencer of the Year); Councilor Miles Antipuesto (Philanthropist of the Year); Rose Basa (Woman of Elegance); Joe Acebedo  (Woman of Innovation).

A grateful Dr. Joyce in her own words

At the finale of Elite in the City show, Dr. Joyce summed up what and how much she has done and gone through in 2018 – and why 2018 is unforgettably momentous for the blessings that make for her life, at this point, a very blissful one.

“Our lives are made of moments, moments that will forever stay in our hearts! And this night is one of those beautiful moments that I will forever cherish. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for the success of the JPP Elite in the City event. . .   Thank you from the bottom of my heart: to all our Elites, to all our models, to all the press, to all the photographers and the people behind the scenes, to all our helpers, to all of our sponsors, to all the Ambassadors and Consuls who came to watch the show, to all who took their time to come and watch the show! For the tireless efforts of the JPP Dreamworld Productions team: Bench, John, Sam, Dave, Carl and Bell, all our friends and supporters, thank you for all of your help and support to me.

“Thanks a lot Mr. Ryan Colton straight from Hollywood for coming home to watch our show.  Thanks for your time. I praise and thank God that once again he showed me His love through this beautiful and wonderful people that he sent me to make this event a success, once again thanks from the bottom of my heart.

“Indeed when you pray and give your plans to the Lord, he will listen to your prayers. I prayed and asked for a sign or God to show me that He is listening to my prayers and that all will be well as I am in the middle of a lot of trials and challenges and my heart is really heavily burdened, also recovering from my two surgeries which are unexpected! I just asked for a sign while I was crying and praying two Sundays ago. I prayed to God and told Him that I believe He is there and is listening to my prayers but I begged him to please give me a sign! Just a white rose is enough for me to know that you listened to my prayers that I am assured that all will be well.

“I prayed that prayer Sunday morning. . .  Tuesday afternoon the following week, a friend of mine who I didn’t see for a long time was at my doorstep. When I opened the door, I saw that she was holding a bouquet of WHITE ROSES and suddenly tears were coming down my cheeks . . . She exclaimed ‘why are you crying?’ And I told her my story and then I asked ‘what made you come with the flowers? It’s not my birthday?’ . . . And she said ‘I just heard a whisper in my ear that I should visit you and give you flowers! . . .  Isn’t that wonderful?

“So all of you out there who are heavy laden!, pour out your heart to God! He is listening. I believe that we must have that faith that whatever happens in our lives, God is still in control and he knows what’s best for us! Delight in the Lord always and He will give you the desires of your heart! This is one of my favorite words of wisdom quote: Just do your best in everything that you do and then give it to God and He will take care of the rest. . . Thank you so much everyone for all your love and support to me. I pray for all of your good health and abundance. May God bless you all.”