The Chic Nobility of Karla Tiangco

November 02, 2018
Karla Tiangco
Karla Tiangco

That she’s a person of rare and admirable beauty, inside and out, may still be an understatement, for Karla Tiangco’s sense of accomplishment – she’s a fitness enthusiast, fashion icon, entrepreneur and a certified wanderlust – does not trivialize her earthy ego but rather dignifies the nobility of her worldly spirit.

Holder of a Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management and a mini MBA from the Asian Institute of Management, Karla balances her time at home as mother to two pretty teenagers Kennette and Kylie, and in the corporate world as an Ayala Premier Property Specialist and a Restaurateur/Certified Franchise Executive.

In a recent interview, Women’s Journal listens as she candidly articulates on her life’s ongoing moments, revealing the inspired – and inspiring – thoughts running in tandem in her heart and mind. So, when at the end of the day her psychic worth is weighed, Karla is sure to tip the scale, unsurprisingly, at solid but malleable 24 K in gold standard. Read on…

A typical day at home and at work

“I wake up as early as 5am in the morning. Mornings give me the opportunity to set the  tone for the day. Accomplishing something right away — whether that’s clearing out your inbox, exercising, taking care of my daughters or eating a nutritious breakfast — sets off a chain reaction of other productive behavior throughout the day. I drink warm lemon which has a lot of health benefits to me. I’ll be in the office by 10am attending meetings, doing presentations, ensuring timelines and deliverables are attended and motivating and inspiring my team to reach their personal goals.

“My passion for ensuring the best for my clients and people drive me each and every day. Having a healthy lifestyle is one of my priorities, I go to gym in the afternoon attending dance classes, pilates and other fitness activities to keep my body in shape and at the same time relieving the inevitable pressure and stress at work.

“I love dressing up and doing make-up for myself. For my everyday look, I love earth colors because for me it exudes sophistication and elegance. I don’t dress to impress, I dress to EXPRESS, express confidence, fierceness and attitude.

“During weekends, despite my busy schedule, I make sure I have time for my family. We go shopping, binge-watching our favorite Netflix series over pizza and wings, having pamper-time at Belo and The Spa, and the coolest thing (according to their friends) I do for my daughters, attending late night parties.

The milestones of her family and business life

“Being in the Real Estate business for 14 years is already an accomplishment for me. I have the responsibility to get a good understanding of the market, but the best is also to know how to communicate this with people. Knowledge is no good if you’re not able to  communicate that to the people you’re working with. If you’re someone who thinks the  work is going to come to you, or if you’re used to an eight-to-five job, it might be difficult. The work does not fall into your lap, you have to go out and get it. My passion, tenacity and proactive approach resulted in numerous awards like Corporate Image Award and Top Seller Award.

“Apart being in a Real Estate Business, I’m a Restaurateur. This is what I really want and excited to do. I want to overcome everything. I will destroy the ceiling that is preventing me from advancing, and I position myself to never let a ceiling control my career and my life. It never struck me that I couldn’t pursue any career. If I wanted to be a restaurant owner, I could be a restaurant owner. Why not? I am managing numerous branches of well-known International Pizza Brand, and hopefully in the future, bringing international brands here in the Philippines.

“I am also a Make-up Artist. I took my professional make-up at Make-Up Designory (MUD). Ever since, I am the one who dresses up my daughters whenever they have a program in school. I love how shades of color can change a person’s personal outlook. Everyone has beauty, but people are blinded to see that. When someone doesn’t see their own light, how can anyone else? A touch of colors is often all it takes for someone to see their own beauty.

“I believe that to whom much is given, much is expected in return – that all blessings and talents must be used for the greater good. It’s my great achievement ever since, to help less fortunate children in the orphanage and others who are in need. Financial gains are not measurement for success, what matters most are the lives made better with what have been blessed with. This is what motivates me the most.

“Aside from that, taking care of Kennette and Kylie, my work, my business—not to mention myself—is one for the books. Being a Fitness Enthusiast, Fashion Icon, Entrepreneur and a certified wanderlust all at the same time, that’s a great accomplishment for me

Why empowered women are also in the Best Dressed society

“I believe that what you wear makes a huge difference not just on how others perceive  you, but more important, on how you feel about yourself. When you feel comfortable and  confident, you feel happier that will have a chain effect in your business and your personal life.

“An empowered woman knows that confidence, intelligence and fierce determination are the only tools she needs to achieve anything she sets her mind to. She invests in her life because she knows that the biggest accomplishment she could ever achieve is to live the life of her dreams. She knows that it is her right to have personal goals, aspirations and dreams. She knows she has the right to pursue them and will do everything in her power to achieve them.

“I think what Best Dressed Society entails is Fashion with a Purpose.”

A vision 10 years from now

“Still beautiful!! Kidding aside, 10 years from now, I was able to provide more opportunities for people by my business expansions, established foreign restaurant brands here in the Philippines, inspire more women to be empowered and build a foundation for my company that helps less fortunate children in the orphanage and others who are in need.”

What the Stars Say About Karla Tiangco

Women’s Journal resident astrological researcher peeked into her natal chart – she was born January 21  – and here is what the stars say:

She is highly aware of her world, especially of the seriousness and sorrows of people. She has an insight into their hearts and lives which seems intuitive. She is a moralist and a humanitarian; she thinks in terms of the whole mass of society with a real personal feeling for the underprivileged. Through the development of this quality and her own insight and sympathetic understanding she can go far and achieve considerable respect and love. She is not interested in power, but rather in the obscure things she can do to help. She has the real spirit of charity and detachment, preferring to give in secret. Her kindness will never be shouted from the housetops – not, at least, by her.

Her satisfactions in life are personal, spiritual, internal; for she has a keen sense of soul values, and the real worth, the real person, the real idea, appeals to her rather than the superficial acclaim or glitter that takes the shallower mind. This is likely to make her a little lonely, but it also can bring her outstanding success and personal satisfaction in any of the social sciences, medicine, nursing, institutional work, detective work, or teaching. She is a deep, careful, and understanding student and can go far through intellectual endeavor.

She has a true love for justice and equity in human relations and the ability to detach herself from personal considerations. Her sensitiveness, instead of making for self-pity and a sense of her own woes, transfers itself to sympathy with and understanding for others. She assumes responsibilities so readily that she is likely to be imposed upon, but she considers it no more than right that she should take them. She has a true feeling for noblesse oblige and will be found wherever there is something she can do for someone less fortunate than herself. Only look out that this bent doesn’t lead her to marry someone to reform him. That never works.