John Salandanan: Markedly Primed for Wealth and Fitness Coaching

September 29, 2018
John Salandanan
John Salandanan

As life is a business, John Salandanan’s entrepreneurship is one remarkable journey worth knowing as an example of how one could overcome challenges – and come out wiser and more polished and primed to pursue further a passion-driven initiative. Here, he enthuses how he has so far steered his physical and financial enterprise – and, for one who has a strong faith in God, divinity! – and how he is mindfully shaping his future that is always, at the least, an exciting work-in-progress.

“It’s always the usual question asked when a person reaches a certain comfortable status in life or has achieved or attained success particularly in business and career: ‘How did you get to where you are now and where did you start?

“As for me, it was never like a walk in the park unlike other entrepreneurs who had the support of their parents, I mean complete parents, both Mom and Dad. When you have the support of your parents, failure may never be an issue because they will always be there to pick you up and encourage you to go on and explain to you why things happened the way they are – and there’s always a lesson to learn.

“I lost my both of my parents when I was 3 years old so literally I have no clue or idea of how or what parents do to their children in relation to raising them up well. I was very lucky that though GOD took my parents, HE gave us MERCEDES S. PASCUAL , the MOST WONDERFUL AND GREATEST SISTER IN THE WORLD who took care of us and raised us the BEST WAY SHE KNOWS HOW!

“So I guess this is where I can begin to answer the question on how I got to where I’m at  now. It’s because of my sister’s business orientation. I started working in our brokerage company when I was in college and exposed myself in people management and accounting. Throughout college, I was seeing goods – printed t-shirts, anything my classmates  needed –  that I could provide and  profit from. I was in a way then the GO TO GUY of everybody.

“At that time I was taking up B.S. AVIATION Major in Flying – yes, I am a pilot by profession. But my heart is more inclined to business and making money – and to be successful like my sister and make her proud of me.

“After college I worked in an events and production company called MaxiMedia where I could say I  learned a lot as well in terms of putting together shows, since the company produces international concerts by bringing in foreign international artists. That was where  I  made several connections to build my own network in the entertainment industry. Later, I decided to put up my first company called TABU IMAGES, which was a photography studio catering mostly to and for stars and models. It lasted for almost 2 years until its shutdown

“And so I set up my second company called I CONSULTANCY SERVICES INC. with my partner Mark Anthony Covatcha.  I can proudly say that I felt very fulfilled running this company because the core of the business is sending students abroad, guiding and helping them make and turn their dreams for themselves and that of their families. It was always  such a joy when you receive emails and simple notes from students we sent abroad out of nowhere thanking you and appreciating how we helped them turn their dreams into reality – that, for m, is already a legacy.

“Then I decided to go back to the corporate world, where I really started my career. At this time BPO was just booming in the Philippines. I applied and started as an agent since there was no managerial post available yet and the person who hired me said that he sees a lot of potential in me and suggested I should start from the bottom and work my way up. He was perfectly right and was ON POINT! It only took me 1 year to become a Director of his company –  and he was a blessing that I know God sent me as well. At this time I was already in banking doing loan and home mortgages, thanks Mr. Jim Nighswonger!

“My career in banking started to flourish most especially when I got pirated by one of the biggest BPO companies at that time, sending me to the USA to work for their client, the number one online mortgage company in the US called E-LOAN.  I had a stint also with JP MORGAN New York.

“After four years in New York, I moved back to Manila now to start my own consulting firm.  We are now a boutique financial advisory firm that caters to international investors who want  to invest in the country depending on which industry and their wealth appetite. I am currently running two investment financial consulting firm namely Compass International Management Consulting Inc. and JVS International Mamagement Consulting Inc. with the help of my partner Mark Anthony Covatcha.

“Since these two companies are already established,  I finally decided to put up another company that supports my passion to living – and staying – fit and healthy. I have just  put up a gym called PREMIERE FITNESS located at Legarda in Manila where most of our clients are student athletes and we have also partnered with the colleges and universities for their athletes’  sports conditioning. Thanks also to the support of my other Managing partner Michael De Guzman who has made me realize that fitness coaching is actually my passion.

“Lastly I still wish to gain more wisdom from all people and life experiences that shall come into my life.

“Also, I was asked ‘How do you see yourself 5 years from now?’ …  I still pray and hope that I can fulfill my promise to GOD that I will set up an Orphanage and name it under my sister as a tribute to her for taking the responsibility of raising us without hesitation that resulted to her missing out her youth …THANK YOU MY DEAREST SISTER! We LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL…  GOD BLESS YOU!

What the Stars Say About John Salandanan

Women’s Journal’s resident astrological researcher peeked into his natal chart and this is what the stars say:

He has a highly developed social sense. He is fond of people who must, however, be the “right” people. He’d rather stay home alone with a good book than be bored by dullards or surrounded by people he thinks uninteresting or déclassé. He is able to get on well enough with all classes for he knows how to say the right thing at the right time, and this quality of tact in human relations contributes much to his success, which frequently will have to do with a good many people.
He makes a good executive, teacher, or lecturer; his manner of expression is forthright and direct and he makes his sincerity and decisiveness felt. His extremely stubborn nature expresses in a flexible manner, and he is able to talk all around Robin Hood’s barn at the same time that he is sticking to his point and eventually driving it home exactly as he wishes.

He has very high principles and will stick to them despite everything. A keen moral sense, both in his own personal conduct and in the abstract for truth in its own right, makes him something of a moralist, and he’s likely to sit in judgment on his friends and neighbors –though he may never let them know what he thinks about them. But his thoughts are his own just the same, and for those who transgress the laws of right conduct, or fair dealings as he understands them, he has scant tolerance.

He has something of a chatterbox; he loves a good yarn and will tell one at the drop of a hat. He is also a good listener, especially if the story being told has a touch of personal interest. A good deal of his sinning is likely to be done vicariously, in talking about, and probably condemning, the horrible actions of someone else.

He himself is pretty likely to walk the straight and narrow and find it rather pleasant – and a good deal easier than the harrowing excitement of the Primrose Path. He should cultivate precision of thinking and speaking, for a tendency to spin yarns in one way or another is very strong.

This story-telling quality, (and with some harmonious aspects to the Sun or Moon but not mentioned here), may be developed into creative ability as a writer of fiction, for then the artistic and expressive notes of his nature are brought together. Whether he actually creates or not, he has  nice taste in a bold sort of way, and is fond of bright colors and brave new combinations which he manages to put together artistically, perhaps against all the established rules of color and design.

He is in all ways a courageous person and despite his tact, when it comes to points of principle, will not mince matters even when with the Judge himself. Here he sticks to his guns admirably and tells the world in no uncertain terms what is what. He is  reasonable in argument and a fair debater. He can see the other fellow’s viewpoint, answering it logically point for point, without losing sight of his own. His qualities of magnetism, fair-mindedness, and imagination will lead you to success either in business or the arts and professions.